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If you have symptoms of fever, cough, và shortness of breath, Gọi us at 1-877-928-2621 (press 3) before visiting us. For other concerns, you may be able lớn access care from home page by phone or using virtual care options.MoreDetails


COVID-19 obatambeienwasirherbal.comccines: To get the lakiểm tra updates & sign up khổng lồ stay informed about COVID-19 obatambeienwasirherbal.comccines, visit our obatambeienwasirherbal.comccine information page.

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For information: Read our coronavi khuẩn FAQs and public health response, or use our coronavirut chatbot.

Prepare for a visit: Everyone entering our facilities is screened, and visitors are limited. Face coverings are mandatory. Please contact us first before going to any of our locations. For some needs, you may be able to lớn get care at home page by phone or video.

For the latest coronavi khuẩn information: Visit the CDC website.

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Honoring America’s Veterans with unique health care services, part of the largest integrated health care ...

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COVID-19 Update

điện thoại tư vấn us before visiting! If you’re experiencing flu-lượt thích symptoms such as fever, cough or shortness of breath, please Gọi us at 1-877-928-2621 (press 3) before visiting—even if you already have sầu an appointment. Or you can sign in to lớn My HealtheVet & skết thúc a secure message. You may be able to get diagnosed and receive sầu care through telehealth without having lớn come in at all.

If you visit a health care facility, you will be asked screening questions. Learn more about what to lớn expect, and stay informed onthe lathử nghiệm updates on coronavirus.

Please turn Jaobatambeienwasirherbal.comScript on in your browser to lớn view this content or visit the Inside Veterans Health section of"s blog, obatambeienwasirherbal.comntage Point. Medical Center

1111 East End Blvd., PA 18711 570-824-3521 | 877-928-2621 Directions

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs | 810 Vermont Avenue, NW Washington DC 20420