Free Online Html Beautifier Online, Free Online Html Formatter

Is there a tool/web tiện ích that will automatically sort out an HTML file in lớn proper tab structure? For example, from this:

Hello Wolrd
to this:

Hellow World!
I work with a lot of other peoples code, and I can"t stand bad organization in HTML.



I use & it works really good with HTML & JavaScript, besides you can configure identation, braces & other things

In this case, the output đầu ra for your code is:

Hello Wolrd
There"s also which seems useful as well.

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I found which has various formatters và validators.

Also there"s which seems lớn generate all the valid HTML markup in case you need it.

Another one is and there"s the general purpose

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If you work with HTML a lot, then you need some kind of editor/development environment lớn help you.

There are many and they will most likely provide productivity features beyond just formatting.

So my advice would be to cửa hàng around and see which editor/environment suits your needs best, and use whatever formatting that particular tool provides.

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Commercially, Adobe"s Dreamweaver has a very, very good "Apply Source Formatting" feature. That"s probably not the price point you"re talking about, but if you have a license already it works well.

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answered Feb 9 năm ngoái at 18:16

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You can use web apps for formatting HTML text. The web app which I use regularly is present at- HTML text freeformatter. Just follow 2-3 steps và you will get properly formatted HTML text.

If you are using microsoft visual studio 2012 or higher you can use following command lớn format HTML text-

Ctrl+k, Ctrl+f

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answered Mar 30 năm nhâm thìn at 6:06
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