The Saem shows its appreciation of the earth by deriving its ingredients from Mother Nature. The brvà carries an extensive range of skin care and makeup lines, unearthing beauty recipes from around the world that have been proven safe and effective sầu over generations. The Cover Perfection Tip Concealer, Eco Soul KISS Button Lips series và Saemmul Water Candy Tint series are aý muốn its bestsellers.

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About The Saem

Inspired by nature, Korean beauty br& The Saem
studies culture and customs from around the world to discover diverse beauty secrets. The brand believes that healthy beauty starts with nature, which is why they develop high-unique products using effective natural ingredients selected through ecological research. The Saem has not only found great success in Korea but all over the world. The brvà was honored at the Korea Prestige Brand Awards for three consecutive years from 2017 to 2019, và has won the Grand Prize in Glowpick’s Consumer Beauty Awards for the Cream, Cleansing Tissue, Makeup Base and Pact categories.

What Are the Best Skin Care Products from The Saem?

The Saem offers many skin care ranges based on different ingredients, skin types & skin needs. Some of its most famous collections include Urban Eteo (Waratah và Harakeke), Iceland, Cell Renew Bio, Calamansi Pore, Derma Plan, Healing Tea Garden and Eteo Earth Sun.

The Urban Eteo range is split into lớn Harakeke và Waratah, two of the brand’s signature ingredients. The Harakeke line is enriched with harakeke extract, a plant that’s long been used by the Maori tribe of New Zealand. In 2012, The Saem launched its hit Urban Eteo Harakeke Toner, becoming the first beauty br& to lớn formulate this ingredient inkhổng lồ a skin care product. Other popular products in the line include the Urban Eteo Harakeke Cream & Urban Eco Harakeke Emulsion. From leaves lớn seeds to lớn roots, The Saem harnesses the plant’s calming effects khổng lồ improve skin’s moisture-retaining abilities, help with oil-water balance và smooth rough skin. The packaging of this line, which is inspired by curves và tree materials, won Red Dot Award’s Packaging Design category. The Waratah line, which includes the bestselling Urban Eteo Waratah Toner, is enriched with Australian waratah flower extract. This ingredient strengthens the skin barrier by building a hydration layer khổng lồ protect skin from găng & harmful substances in the environment.

Launched in 2014, The Saem’s Icel& collection is formulated with Icelandic glacier water to deliver purifying, refreshing & hydrating benefits to lớn skin. Packed with biomineral water & botanical extracts, its products offer abundant hydration to skin and enhance water-retention capathành phố. Popular products include the Icel& Hydrating Soothing Gel, Iceland Hydrating Toner and Iceland Hydrating Eye Stiông chồng, which cools and brightens dark, puffy under-eye areas – it also comes in an adorable polar bear design!

The Cell Renew Bio collection makes use of eryngium maritimum found on the coast of Bretagne, France. Also known as sea holly, it’s a halophyte – a salt-tolerant plant that grows in soil or waters of high salinity. Formulated with eryngium maritimum preserved through cell bio capsulation, products in this collection help restore & improve the overall condition of dull and rough skin, leaving it bright & dewy. Bestsellers include the Cell Renew Bio Micro Peel Soft Gel, Cell Renew Bio Eye Cream, Cell Renew Bio Emulsion và Cell Renew Bio Toner. The Cell Renew Bio collection was also the winner of the năm 2016 Red Dot Award’s Packaging Design category for its easily recyclable packaging.

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The star ingredient of the Calamansay mê Pore line is calamanmê say extract from the Philippines, but the line’s products are also infused with Vitamin C and cinehulin. This line controls excess sebum và clears impurities from deep within pores, leaving skin clean & bright. Two of its most successful products include the Calamansi mê Pore Freshner & Calamanham mê Pore Tightener.

Derma Plan was launched in 2018 for sensitive skin. All products are made with the patented Derma Max Formula, which is blended with seven carefully selected botanical plants lớn deeply hydrate & soothe imbalanced skin. Derma Plan’s products have sầu completed clinical tests verifying that the derma-cosmetic formulas are safe for sensitive sầu skin. The line is best known for the Derma Plan Peeling Toner Pad, Derma Plan Soothing Toner and Derma Plan Balancing Moisturizer.

For cleansing, The Saem’s Healing Tea Garden line includes cleansing waters, foams, gels, tissues and makeup removers in green tea, tea tree, White tea & rooibos formulations. Products thoroughly cleanse skin while offering moisture và nourishment, leaving skin soothed, refreshed and protected from external irritants. Of the various cleansers, the Healing Tea Garden Green Tea Cleansing Water và Healing Tea Garden Green Tea Cleansing Foam are favorites, & the former was even recognized as the best cleansing water in the 2015 Glowpiông chồng Consumer Beauty Awards.

Finally, no Korean beauty brvà would be complete without sun care, which is where The Saem’s Eteo Earth Sun range comes in. Its sun care products come in various forms, such as sun cream, sun stiông chồng, sun gel, sun base & sun cushion, and are customized for different needs with Waterproof, Mild, Tone Up, All Protection và Aqua options. Not only vày these products protect skin from UV rays, but they’re also enriched with moisturizing Natural Plant Power nguồn Complex lớn soothe skin. Bestsellers include the Eco Earth nguồn Pink Sun Cream, Eteo Earth Power Light Sun Cream và Eco Earth Power nguồn Clear Sun Stiông xã.

What Are the Best Makeup Products from The Saem?

When it comes to lớn cosmetics, The Saem is definitely the brvà to beat in the concealer category. The Saem ranked No. 1 in the Brvà Customer Satisfaction Index for the concealer category for five sầu consecutive sầu years (from 2015-2019). The brvà also won No. 1 in the concealer category of