Tanker Là Gì Pubg Mobile, Có Khác Gì Với Game Moba Không


PlayerUnknown"s Battlegrounds continues lớn evolve sầu day by day, & it was only a matter of time before professional players developed specific functions for their team performance.Rethành viên that these roles can also be used on PUBG di động.



Better known as IGL (In Game Leader), the Leader is the player who will make important decisions & guide the team in the game.Sometimes he will spend more time looking at the map than the game itself & it will be up khổng lồ hyên ổn to lớn decide whether lớn enter or not in every place and how lớn manage the overall strategy.Having a good IGL is important, this helps reduce the pressure to lớn make decisions khổng lồ other team members và help them focus more on the game.

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This role mustn’t be unequivocal: in PUBG it’s important that all players know how lớn vày it, since xạ thủ rifles are very good and particularly effective in the over game.Having a specialist can be a great help to lớn the team.The first xạ thủ rifle we find will have khổng lồ be for hyên, as well as the first long-range sight.The role of the Sniper can be flanked by a secondary role, such as the Explorer.

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We could call it the "spearhead".In short, it’s the player with the most team skills và the best in short và medium distance combat.The Fragger is the first player in the team khổng lồ enter the buildings và the first to lớn engage in cthua kém combat.The first assault weapon should be for hlặng, as well as important accessories such as silencers or the 4x viewfinder.In addition to lớn weapons it’s good to lớn provide him with the best bulletproof vest, which will especially help hyên in rsida on buildings. Definitely one of the most requested PUBG roles.



Although this depends on each player, it is not advisable lớn carry more than 15 bandages per head.Sometimes it happens that you can’t bring all the healing kits you want because space is limited.The tư vấn will be responsible for sacrificing part of that space khổng lồ have a surplus of medicine & ammunition.In this way, after a gunfight, the tư vấn can pass the necessary resources lớn the other team members.Other tasks of this role are the use of grenades at the strategic level, và the flanking of the Fragger when it comes to shootings or raids in buildings.




This is a secondary role, having a driver in the team is always convenient.The driver will be in charge of the search for vehicles, their management and their positioning in strategic and accessible areas.This prevents loss of precious time.



One of the roles that is starting to lớn develop in PUBG is the Explorer.The task of this role is to advance to lớn your team and explore the terrain.The scout should never be exposed khổng lồ enemy fire and should have sầu a light & fast vehicle, lượt thích a motorcycle.Their job will simply be to lớn warn their teammates of the presence of enemies in a specific area, và then join them to fight.The role of explorer can be approached to lớn the xạ thủ, since the equipment is the same.Sign up now !BattleRoyale.it is a obatambeienwasirherbal.com partner.Don’t miss any news & guides by following us on Instagram