In Vector, players take the role of a silhouette who is constantly being pursued by another silhouette, seemingly some form of enforcer for the system the player character breaks out of. The game does not have a long story apart from the introduction đoạn phim which reveals that the player character is a man in an Orwellian dystopia, no longer able lớn bend to the will of his masters. He casts aside his mind-control device and his shirt, và leaps from his skyscraper prison, sprinting across rooftops toward the distant horizon. The trò chơi is not an “endless runner”. It is split into discrete levels rather than infinite randomly generated challenges, the players learn from their failures và find the best route khổng lồ victory.

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Vector is an exciting arcade-style trò chơi featuring you as the exceptional không lấy phí runner who won"t be held down by the system. Run, jump và climb using techniques based on the urban-ninja sport of parkour with "Big Brother" in hot pursuit!


Damien McFerran of Pocket người chơi rated the game android version 8/10 stars & wrote that Vector"s playability makes up for its lack of innovation. Slide lớn Play, in their nhận xét of the tiện ích ios version, wrote, "Vector is a fantastic free-running simulation with plenty lớn love", though the reviewer described the game play as "a bit repetitive at times". Reviewing the Facebook version, Pete Davison of Adweek"s SocialTimes blog called it "an impressive trò chơi in all respects" but said it needs better social features. Leif Johnson, who reviewed the Facebook version for Gamezebo, rated it 4/5 stars. Johnson described the gameplay as occasionally grindy but concluded that the game is "fun stuff, & much more challenging than your run-of-the mill Facebook fare." Cameron Woolsey of GameSpot rated the PC version 7/10 stars và wrote that the game is "a fast-paced joyride" when it does annoy with its grind.

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The game received a năm nhâm thìn sequel titled Vector 2 that continues the storyline of the original. The protagonist from the first installment was eventually captured by security forces, but, instead of killing him, the antagonists decide to lớn use his skills to kiểm tra some new equipment in a secret research facility.


With the success of Vector, Nekki decided to create another game lượt thích it that used a silhouette as the main protagonist. That game became a fighting game titled Shadow Fight, released exclusively on Facebook in 2011. This spiritual successor khổng lồ Vector eventually became a trilogy, spawning two sequels that became available on iOS và Android in 2014 and 2017.