Tải game slime rancher


Become a slime breeder in Slime Rancher by catching as many as you can for your ranch. Take them to your enclosure and feed them so they don"t escape


Beatrix LeBeau is a young rancher that is trying khổng lồ earn herself a living on faraway pastures thousands of light years away from the Earth. These pastures aren"t grazed by cows, but by slimes that she"ll have khổng lồ try to bring together in a herd to lớn make a fortune. That"s the plot behind Slime Rancher, a game that reminds us of a first-person shooter và in which you"ll have sầu lớn build yourself a future as a slime breeder.

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A game about space cowboys

This PC game is developed in an environment that resembles the Wild West that we"ve sầu seen in so many films, but with futuristic aspects. You won"t have sầu to lớn deal with ordinary cattle, but with slimes. The gameplay is similar khổng lồ a 3D shooter, but it also integrates elements of sandbox type games such as those we"ve seen in Minecraft and similar titles. You"ll have sầu to handle a kind of vacuum cleaner to catch the slimes khổng lồ then launch them inkhổng lồ their enclosure. You"ll have lớn do exactly the same to lớn feed them.

Is it as easy as it seems? No, definitely not... some slimes are lovable và obedient; they won"t give sầu you any problems. But others, despite not attacking you, can be very harmful. For instance, the green slime is radioactive và will damage you if you get too cthua thảm. You"ll have to lớn pay special attention to lớn these details, as well as with the most insubordinate ones...

Become the best slime hunter to lớn the west of the galaxy.

In this game, you"ll have lớn take into lớn tài khoản some important details:. In fact, you might be interested in getting hold of a decent guide or tutorial lớn explain certain concepts in depth, but to lớn start off you"ll be just fine by knowing that:

The hungrier the slimes are, the more they jump, so feed them well to lớn prsự kiện them from escaping.Some slimes are vegetarians... & some aren"t.You have to lớn explore the surroundings lớn discover new slimes và new crops.

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This is a game developed by an indie studio that has gained a lot of repercussions. Its download is available through Steam và not only is it available for Windows, but you can also play it on Mac và Linux. However, for the time being, there"s still no Android version or APK of Slime Rancher available. But it will definitely be launched shortly.

Versions 0.34 và 0.35 of this game have sầu been the real rage.

And what about the requirements to play?

That"s precisely one of the keys khổng lồ the success of this space slime breeding game: it can run on rather old computers. Nevertheless, it can run on Windows XP.. with Service Pachồng 3. These are its exact requirements:

Windows XP. (SP3) or above sầu.Dual-core processor at 2.2 GHz.2GB of RAM.Graphics card with 512 MB of VRAM.DirectX version 9.0c.1 GB of storage space available on your hard drive.

As you can see, these requirements are met by a large percentage of PCs, so if you want to lớn have sầu a go at this galactic FarmVille, nothing can stop you.

What"s new in the lakiểm tra version

Introducing the new world Wiggly Wonderland 2020.