Tải game scribble it


Scribble It! is a multiplayer game of Drawings Words where it does not matter the Language of your Opponents


Scribble It! is one of the most addictive sầu online multiplayer Mental Challenge games of the moment, where you will have sầu lớn play alone or against other online players while drawing and/or writing at full tốc độ.

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In our post we tell you more about this new game và how you can download it completely for free… here we go!

If you liked online word drawing games lượt thích Pinturillo, Scribble it! you will lượt thích it even more, because it incorporates game modes và features that make it different from everything else.

The goal of the game is khổng lồ try khổng lồ guess the word that another player or team is scribbling… before anyone else! so you must be very fast typing.

You can also be in charge of drawing, to try lớn get the players on your team khổng lồ guess it before others.


It is a much more complicated game than it seems and has 4 game modes that we think are great:

Guess It!: in turn, each player must draw a word that the others must guess. The faster, the higher score.Rate It!: to show who draws best, each online player must draw the same word (all at once) và then each one grades the drawing of the others with a note… win the best cartoonist!Stream Wars!: it is a similar mode lớn the first (Guess it!) but the spectators of the game come into lớn play, who can ask khổng lồ draw the player or help him.Exhibition Wars!: it"s similar to Rate it! but where the spectators of the game are the ones who rate the drawings & choose the best draftsman.

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As for the last two modes, they are achieved by integrating them inlớn Twitch.tv (the popular streaming platform) và give sầu a whole new dimension khổng lồ this game of guessing words by drawing that vì chưng not have sầu others.

But that"s not all, because in this game you can play alone or you can gather up khổng lồ 14 players online… no matter your language! For example, you can face a Dutch team without knowing their language or they know yours.

At the moment in Scribble it! it can be played in English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian và Polish.


In addition, there are countless word packs to play with and more are created every day (players can create & upload them).

As you will see, whether you play as a team or not, this game promises fun & lots of laughs, with its multiple possibilities. You don"t have sầu to be a great cartoonist… would you like to play?

Scribble It! Gameplay

One of the most influential đoạn phim game YouTubers is VanossGaming (with more than 25 million followers on his channel) who has already tried the game and whose analysis you can see below:

The game has already been released on the market, for PC in không lấy phí version(there is a Premium version that includes other functionalities, but the không lấy phí version is fully operational và fun).

If you want lớn play không tính tiền Scribble it! and start doodling with friends follow these steps:

Clichồng on the "Play Now" button located at the top left of this same post.Wait for it lớn load the link to the game page on Steam.Click on the "Install Game" button (previously you must have Steam installed on your PC).Follow the tải về & installation instructions.Enjoy the game!


Technical Requirements


If you liked Scribble it!, you may lượt thích other similar Mental Challenge Games from our collection like: Superliminal, Skribbl.io, Inch by Inch, The PedestrianHuman Fall Flat or UNO Online.

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Scribble It! it is a game developed by Detach Entertainment. For more information và news, you can also kiểm tra their twitter or discord.