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RFS – Real Flight Simulator
March 25, 2021 (21 hours ago)

It’s tough lớn live sầu in normal life. Yes khổng lồ become a real pilot because it requires a lot of challenging courses and qualifications. You will have to lớn undergo a long period of training as well as yourself have sầu khổng lồ bring yourself into extremely harsh frameworks lớn become a capable driver. Because of this difficulty, very few people have sầu the real experience of taking control of an airplane. But no matter how difficult it is, with modern giải pháp công nghệ you can still be relieved. The answer lies in the emulator games that a lot of people search on Google Play. RORTOS is one of the most well-known publishers in making flight simulator games. They even created a kind of Rortos Flight Engine to lớn maximize all the features of a flight simulator game. That’s why the publisher himself has at least trăng tròn games with extremely different customization of the types of aircraft they support. This success has created an excellent reputation for game publishers; every game they launch has achieved very high sales.

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Takeoff, landing or full flight

RFS – Real Flight Simulator uses its own engine, so it creates an entirely different smoothness compared to other products of the same category. Until now, there doesn’t seem to be any game that can overcome its 3 chiều graphics format. “RFS” has successfully described how a civilian aircraft is used to lớn transport its passengers around the world. With a description that uses many different angles, it has brought the newest experience. The colors of the game are also bright, và the passing scenes are depicted in real style. You will be adventuring lớn all over the world, wonders in Đài Loan Trung Quốc, Egypt, & Europe are described exactly as they are. This is also a valuable opportunity for you to travel for free.


Satellite maps, 3D buildings, runways, procedures, & air traffic seem khổng lồ be the things that you work with most in the game. Players will have to follow the bản đồ on a regular basis lớn know where they are in the sky. It will be using the highest resolution so you can identify every little detail of the rabbit và every small situation going on so that you can make the best decision for your flight. Once you have reached the destination, you must contact the air traffic stations on the ground to be allowed khổng lồ safely lvà and take visitors to where they want. The game will be shown in a real-time flight; once you jump on board, it will officially take part in a long journey like a clock. The unique point is that pilots circulating in the sky will be put inkhổng lồ a chat room so they can communicate with cool people và plan lesson plans in detail. ATC controllers are always the most powerful support tool for users to lớn customize their directions in the most accurate way.

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Automatic creation of a flight plan

The pilot community in the game is also quite crowded as they have created many support teams that always give useful advice. In the course of the game where you encounter difficulties, please visit the community & ask questions. Also, they have sầu a pleasure khổng lồ decorate their aircraft. “RFS – Real Flight Simulator” provides you with many different aircraft components. When you take a break và have a reward from your flights, use it quickly. If you love the aircraft you are using, buy more parts that decorate it. Part of it is to lớn make it more beautiful, partly lớn increase performance. If you can earn a lot of money, don’t hesitate khổng lồ buy a new plane. If it is calculated, it will be cheaper than buying và shaking each part & assembling while the function is still equal.

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Challenges in the game take place regularly when you are involved in a flight. First of all, the terrain makes the takeoff and landing much more difficult. When you are in the process of moving, the weather will get worse, & coordination with the air station is necessary. Planning & coordinating with the coordinator will definitely help you l& safely. Also, when you are flying, keep traông chồng of the problematic wind direction & many other factors.

You are now ready lớn tải về RFS – Real Flight Simulator for free. Here are some notes: