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Mr Bow
Unlimited Coins
July 21, 2020 (8 months ago)

Mr Bow – Turn-based shooting games have sầu been Famous final period everywhere in the world. Many products have sầu been released, and some of them were born as Legend. We can name the sản phẩm GunPow, Gunny, & more have been part of the childhood of many gamers. Up khổng lồ now, these games are no longer active sầu, but this genre has continued khổng lồ be exploited by game makers. Although with many different variations, it is still generally interesting for players.

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Mr. Bow is a game that can be considered a turn-based shooting sản phẩm. But its play has an entirely different variation. There is also a reason for making this game more than 1 million downloads on Google Play. The main characters of the gen are Stickman-styled. This type of graphics is nothing special, but it attracts many players. Besides, the simpliđô thị in character creation as well as shaping the environment makes the game extraordinarily light and suitable for all types of smartphones currently using the Android operating system. With only 40 MB, you can enjoy an attractive sản phẩm from game maker ONESOFT. They have a lot of games that get over 5 million downloads. Their products are mostly trend-oriented games, but they have sầu amazing creations, making them a distinctive sầu feature that attracts players.


Aim và Shoot arrows!

Will play a character who uses a bow và arrow as his main weapon. The rules are straightforward; you will have sầu to use all your skills to lớn take down the enemy as quickly as possible. Of course, they will also use weapons lớn attachồng backward. Do you know the game Angry Birds? The way lớn control the attachồng is the same. When the player touches the screen and pulls backward lớn customize the shot force, & also adjust the direction. As long as you release your hvà from the screen, the arrow will fly out and attachồng the enemy. Although it is said khổng lồ be a turn-based fighting game, there is special customization.

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That means you only need khổng lồ complete one operation; your character immediately fights. The faster you operate, the higher the tốc độ & density of attacks. The opponent is the same, but usually, they are pre-installed AI so it won’t be brilliant. The manipulation of the opponent will follow certain cycles of images that if you observe sầu them subtly, you can easily recognize and overcome them.

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Easy controls & addictive sầu gameplay

The more challenging it is, the harder it will be because the screen will show obstacles that will prsự kiện you from hitting your opponent. Besides, the adversary can move images, making the target group increasingly tricky. But don’t worry because you also have special skills to tư vấn. You can unloông chồng the shield function lớn bloông xã the enemy’s child once, the arrow has added a fire lớn increase the damage when it burns the opponent, or you can shoot 3 arrows at the same time. After you’ve passed a certain number of levels, you’ll meet a mighty trùm. At that time, we have lớn use all our skills, equipment & luck to win it.