Are you a video clip game lover? Do you love playing horror or adventurous games? If you are finding a game lượt thích this, Identity V game is the best solution to lớn all your needs.

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Identity V is a multiplayer horror game where the role of a hunter is played by one player while others go into lớn as survivors. The hunter’s job as the name suggests is to chase the survivors & remove sầu them from the game by the method of rocket seats.

Identity V game was developed by NetEase và developers in April, 2018.


2 Download Identity V for PC Windows và Mac3 How khổng lồ Download Identity V game for Android

What makes it different?

These are some of the features of Identity V game which makes it different:

You can access this game miễn phí of cost.A storyline is included in Identity V, which is played throughout the game. Hence, this means that multiplayer plays a key role in the storyline.In Identity V, however, players rather use Cipher Machines. When all of the hints have been solved, the entryway will be set apart for a short period. Now, keep running over to lớn it and you can open it and disappear.You can easily access this game on different operating systems like Android, iOS, PC Windows & Mac, etc.There is a huge variety of playable characters.The GUI of the game is neat and clean & it has a user-friendly interface.

Download Identity V for PC Windows and Mac

As Identity V is accessible on Android devices, there is not a direct way to lớn run it on PC or Mac.If you want to run the Identity V game on PC Windows or Mac, you need khổng lồ use a virtual device or emulator which enables your PC Windows or Mac to lớn behave lượt thích an Android device. This is the best method of using Android Applications in cross-operating systems (Mac & PC Windows).

Bluestack is the best and trusted Android Emulator. An emulator is software that assists the gap between PC Windows và Android devices.


Step 2: Register or connect your Gmail tài khoản.Step 3: Download the app android tệp tin of Identity V. Click on below liên kết lớn download the game android or use the Playstore directly from Bluestacks.Step 4: Once you will tải về the app android tệp tin, double click on it and it will open into bluestaông chồng.Step 5: If confirmation pop up box will open, cliông chồng allow.Step 6: After this, your game will be shown on the home page screen of blue staông chồng. If you want khổng lồ run the game, just double click on it và enjoy the game.


Download Identity V for PC Windows and Mac using Nox App Player

Nox App Player is also an emulator that we can use lớn run game android applications.


Step 2: After installation is done, run it on your computer device.Step 3: Create a new account using your Gmail id or register if you have an old trương mục.Step 4: Download the apk file of Identity V and install it from the PlayStore.Step 5: Now you are ready to run Identity V on your PC and enjoy the game.

Minimum RequirementsOperating System: Windows 7 64 bits/ windows 10 64 bits/ windows 8 64 bitsRAM: 1 GBDirectX: Version 11Any SoundcardAny Internet Connection45 GB Storage space availableGraphics: Nvidia GTX 550 Ti 2GB- AMD R7 260X

How to lớn Download Identity V game for Android

There is an official way of using Identity V on Android Devices. This game is developed by NetEase which is miễn phí to lớn use. This game is không lấy phí from viruses lượt thích malware etc. Hence, this game is safe to lớn use. The APK tệp tin of Identity V game is scanned for all viruses with VirusTotal & it is safe to install the APK tệp tin on your Android device.You can directly tải về the apk tệp tin from the browser. Make sure your device will have enough memory space khổng lồ save the tệp tin & install the software.

Step 1: Find the tải về button & cliông chồng on it.Step 2: Then you will be redirected to lớn the download page. There you will find many alternatives lớn tải về the apk document or you can directly install it from the play store.Step 3: Cliông xã on Download APK.

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Step 4: A popup window will be open which depends upon your browser preferences.Step 5: Clichồng on download again và a tệp tin will be saved on your device.

How to lớn install Identity V game

mở cửa the apk document that is saved on your device và continues. A few clients may encounter the situation of not initializing the installation. That is restricted by mặc định by Android. Follow these steps khổng lồ mix up installation from unknown sources:

Step 1: xuất hiện the Saved app android document. If you will bởi this for the first time there will be a pop up window with a message opens.Step 2: Cliông xã on settings.Step 3: Go khổng lồ Security và Privacy -> More settings.Step 4: Cliông chồng on Install Apps from Unknown Sources.Step 5: xuất hiện the game android file again.Step 6: Cliông xã on the Install button.

Minimum Android version needed: Android 4.1+HDD: 967 MB

Because of differences in some applications, there may be some changes in the installation process.

How to lớn Download Identity V game for iOS

Many people are using iPhone these days so those who want lớn play Identity V game on iPhones just follow these steps khổng lồ install the game:

Step 1: Click on the App Store which is available on Home Screen.Step 2: Click on the Search bar, lớn browse the game.Step 3: Scroll then find the desired result and tap the game icon.Step 4: The popup screen will open which will ask you to lớn install the game. Cliông xã on the accept button, the game will start installing after a few seconds.Step 5: Once the installation will complete, the shortcut inhỏ of the game will appear on the trang chủ screen. Just cliông xã on the ibé and you will be able to enjoy the game.

Minimum iOS version needed: iOS 6.0+

Some alternatives lớn identify V

Identity V is the first horror survival game. The game gives you breathtaking experience with the art style, differently narrated storylines, & 1vs4 game play. As a detective, you will enter the game and then you will get a mysterious letter. Then from that letter, you will get directions that you have sầu lớn investigate & then you have to collect clues while playing the game.

In case your operating system will not tư vấn the game, there are many alternatives lớn this game:Dead by DaylightThis is also a multiplayer horror game where the role of the savage killer is played by one player while the other four players play the role of survivors. Survivors hide from the killer và avoid from being tortured and killed. This is an asymmetrical multiplayer game in which one indomitable và crazed killer chases down four survivors through a dreadful world in a destructive game of mouse và cát.

Friday the 13th: The gameThis is a third-person survival, horror game developed by IllFonic. This game is played by seven players at a time. You & the other six players will vị everything possible to lớn disappear và survive. This is a multiplayer game played by seven players who are controlling Camp Crystal Lake advisors against one player who is controlling Jason Voorhees.

OnMyojiOnmyoji is a free Games made by NetEase Games. It assembles shikigangươi spirits and Conflicts with different evil spirits. The lademo forms of these games, RPG, pretending, technique application is 1.00. It works like most by far of the games applications.

Blaông chồng SurvivalBlaông xã Survival is a real-time horror survival game that can be accessible on Android, iOS, và PC. 10 players will fight with each other in a competition where the last player who survives will win. The island has 22 regions lớn investigate. PvPhường battles last around đôi mươi minutes, và are finished with basic contacts/clicks. More than 30 distinct characters và many diverse ingredients are hidden everywhere throughout the islvà that can be utilized lớn create more than 600 kinds of weapons, instruments, and nourishments.

Frequently Asked Questions


Identity V is a horror survival game that is full of treasures. A narrated storyline is there in the entire game which makes it different from other games. And the individuals who love playing adventurous games they must go for it once. You will get a breathtaking the experience with the User interface & style art which is there in the game.