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a game by Sierra Genre: Strategy/War Platform: PC Editor Rating: 8.2 /10 , based on 3 Reviews, 6 review are shown User Rating: 7.3 /10 - 68 votes Rate this game:
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Empire Earth is one of the real classics when it comes khổng lồ the RTS genre. As I write this the game is getting very cđại bại to celebrating its 20th anniversary which is just nuts and makes me feel very old. I am sure there will be some kind of special release when the game hits that 20-year mark, but for now, I thought it would be fun khổng lồ look at this game và see if it is as much fun today as it was baông xã then.

Five Ways To Play

As far as game nội dung goes this is a game that is stacked. Rather than just giving you one chiến dịch lớn play, Empire Earth gives you a phenomenal five sầu. Instead of just having a standard tutorial mode, you get a tutorial mode that is disguised as a campaign. This is a fantastic idea & one I am surprised not more games have done. It teaches you how to play, but the narrative makes learning about the resources, units, & what you need to lớn do so much more fun.

Once you get through this you then have sầu four other campaigns lớn complete. These campaigns are based on certain countries. You have an English chiến dịch, a German, Greek, and Russian và each one has its own stories, challenges, and so on so, they bởi feel quality. A ton of work went inkhổng lồ making much of the campaigns as historically accurate as possible.

Half A Billion Years Will Give sầu You A Crick In The Neck

The scope of Empire Earth is what blew so many people away baông chồng in 2001 when the game was first released. You are going to be starting out during the prehistoric era, you then want to evolve all the way up khổng lồ the future. The changes are really cool and it is something many other games have done since, but I would argue this one has done it first in this kind of scale.

As you move sầu through the game, no matter the campaign you are doing. You will notice that each “era” that you are in brings its own mix of quality challenges. While the gameplay may not change a great khuyến mãi, how you go about things certainly does. The technologies you are able to lớn use the way people are và things of that manner are greatly different. Changing with the times is one thing you have sầu lớn get used khổng lồ

This Is My Time!

As you play Empire Earth there will be a moment where you go from just wanting to survive sầu to wanting to be the ultimate civilization that rules the rest of the world. You have over trăng tròn civilizations lớn deal with & dealing with them all is rather challenging. Some it feels lượt thích no matter what you bởi vì have sầu it in for you, but that is khổng lồ be expected.

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Getting resources & making sure that your army is ready are the two main things to lớn get used to lớn keeping an eye on. However, this game is very deep and has these rather quality heroes and that can have sầu a dramatic effect on the way a battle is going. Like other RTS games, each person who plays will develop their own strategy for success.

While I feel the sequel offers more, I still enjoyed my time with Empire Earth. It is very impressive sầu what they were able to do bachồng in 2001 và while it may not be as deep as modern RTS games, this is still a fun time. The fact it has so many campaigns lớn get inlớn is going khổng lồ keep you busy for a very long time. If you enjoy strategy games be sure lớn check this one out.


Final Score


There is a lot lớn vì in this game I like how it goes through have a billion years of history You have sầu five campaigns There are many ways khổng lồ play the game It is very challenging


More modern games offer a similar & better experience It can take a while to lớn get the hang of battles