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The casual game genre has existed for a long time & it has become a phenomenon. Not only the entertainment that it brings, but the gameplay is also very easy lớn get used to lớn. These include successful games such as Flappy Bird, Crossy Road, Angry Bird, Fruit Ninja, … Catching this trend, Nox Joy has released Egg Finder (MOD VIP.., Unlocked). Since its launch, the game has attracted attention by players by its colorful graphics, lovely pets, & challenges are increasing difficulty.

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Egg Finder has only one mission: take the pet to lớn the finish line và go to a new level. But they won’t vì it alone, because the trapping system gets in your way harder and harder. It can be said that this funny game easily addictive since the first cấp độ.

Overview information

NamePackagePublisherCategoryVersionSizeMOD FeaturesRequires
Egg Finder
Nox Joy
4.4 (build 48)
VIPhường, Unlocked
Android 4.1

game Play is simple

Enter the game, use one finger to tap the screen for the pet to lớn run. At the next level, there will be obstacles in your way. And don’t think you just a quiông xã run will pass all these challenges. Your tốc độ cannot improve sầu, so you have khổng lồ be alert khổng lồ find the rules of the traps khổng lồ get past them và reach the finish line.


Don’t be fooled into lớn thinking that Egg Finder is only for kids. From the later levels, especially level 13 onwards, traps will move inconsistently, that is, it can run fast or slow. It will be increasingly difficult to lớn detect their movements. In addition khổng lồ ingenuity, this game requires a lot of patience, because just by being trapped, you will return khổng lồ the starting line. It very inhibited, right?

Funny music

Although it requires patience and a bit sharp, fast hands, the game does not discourage players. Nox Joy created the melodious, soothing songs, ensuring you truly relaxing playing after stressful working hours. This also helps create an atmosphere of psychological comfort for players so they bởi not get discouraged when they unfortunately thua và return khổng lồ the starting line.


True to the name Egg Finder, during the journey you will collect cherries, & from there can buy eggs containing super dễ thương pet baby in the siêu thị. They bởi vì not have sầu special abilities, but the higher-priced eggs will have special effects when moving. In addition lớn collecting, you can also choose the pet that is most beautiful & cudemo.

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In the VIP. version, you will get 2 more bonus pets, named Felica and Omelette. With Felica, pink pangolin, you will have sầu two lives, that is, you have the right to die once, và revive sầu at the dead position lớn continue your journey. And Omelet, omelette, you will gradually accumulate energy when overcoming obstacles & when you reach the maximum, you will become immortal in seconds. It interesting, right?

Both Felica & Omelet will randomly appear to offer players one miễn phí trial, so you can be assured of keeping your VIP..


You can also pay to lớn have the VIPhường version activated. VIPhường player privileges include no ads, own 2 special pets. You might consider paying khổng lồ support Nox Joy. Because personally, this is really a game worth playing in 2019. VIPhường mode now has a 3-day trial for players lớn try & then pay, so you have sầu the right to lớn chạy thử before buying. Or if you have sầu trouble when paying via VISA or ngân hàng cards, use the simpler way, which is using our Egg Finder (MOD VIP, Unlocked) version.

An endless adventure

After passing 5 levels, you will visit new villages such as Strawberry village, Snow village … Wallpaper in Egg Finder will also change according to lớn the village. This leads to more interesting gameplay than just letting the pet run around with a single dominant color.

Some of my tips

According lớn my playing experience, Egg Finder makes it most difficult for players in bends và inconsistencies in the motion of traps. I would lượt thích khổng lồ give sầu some advice:

If you have lớn go circle, you will definitely encounter a trap in the middle, & sometimes a trap on both sides. Look closely at their behavior and run quickly when the time is right, because if the opportunity misses you will probably have sầu to wait quite a long time just khổng lồ overcome that obstacle.

Some traps will contain 2-4 running circles, và they are not the same tốc độ. Which means you can’t freely jump in when seeing the hole. Please wait patiently until the hole is large enough before entering, & continue to wait until the exit appears. That way you can pass this challenge. It better than hurrying và have sầu to lớn start over again, you will both tired and inhibited. Nobody toàn thân wants that!


After playing through Egg Finder, I think this is a very good game. Although the gameplay is not new, the creativity in graphics, music has captured the hearts of players (including me). The game is still in development, but I think everyone should play it once. Surely you will love the super đáng yêu baby pets, the friendliness in graphics và music.