Driving safely with a specific strategy will help you conquer Bus Simulator: Ultimate MOD APK (Unlimited Money). Download the game now lớn your phone to turn yourself into a real driver.

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Introduce about Bus Simulator: Ultimate

Before, when thinking of drivers, people will immediately think of fiery races in Asphalt, CrashMetal or Real Racing. So, will a bus driving simulator have a foothold in the market? The Bus Simulator series of Zuuks Games has blown a new wind inkhổng lồ the world gaming market và has achieved remarkable success. Including Bus Simulator: Ultimate, the game has reached 50 million downloads on Google Play.

Transforming inkhổng lồ a bus driver on the roads, your task is to lớn bring customers “khổng lồ their destination” on your bus. Piông xã up, drop off passengers, affirm the brand’s name and prove you’re the number 1 driver.

Become the best driver

Before you want khổng lồ be a good driver, you need lớn know how lớn drive sầu first. Players will be able to choose one of two ways khổng lồ drive, either tilt the machine lớn move the car or use the buttons on the screen.


If you have sầu ever played Asphalternative text, you will not be strange with tilting the device to the sides lớn change the direction of the car. However, this method is relatively difficult lớn control because you will travel over long distances and will be very tired to maintain the trip if you have sầu to hold the phone for a long time. So, try the second way is lớn control with buttons.

On the left corner of the screen, players can choose between a steering wheel or two left and right buttons khổng lồ control the direction of the oto. The other corner is the two brake buttons, the accelerator & the gear lever. These have sầu the same functions as in real life, allowing players to lớn set the status and tốc độ of the vehicle. Other parameters such as tốc độ, fuel tank are located in the bottom corner of the screen. This is extremely important in Bus Simulator: Ultimate because complying with the specified speed và saving fuel determines the chất lượng & safety of the ride.

In addition, Bus Simulator: Ultimate also provides enough perspective sầu for players to lớn use in situations. In addition lớn the first và third perspective for driving, players can use left, right, or top-down perspectives when parking or when looking at nearby vehicles. Therefore, players will not worry about accidents caused by blind spots, lack of vision.

Building the biggest bus br& in the world

When starting Bus Simulator: Ultimate, the first thing a player needs to lớn bởi is register their company name. This is the original company, your organization, & run by you. Saying so, but the amount of capital is not much, you will not be able lớn hire staff but can only vày everything by yourself in the first few days.

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Players will have sầu lớn have clear strategies for vehicles, fares, routes, or even food that sale on your bus. The oto you choose must ensure the number of seats, comfort, not spend khổng lồ much fuel.

Prioritize lớn use only cheap old cars at the first time, only if you have sầu plenty of money & a large number of customers, you can change khổng lồ a new bus with more seats. The fare is also kept at a moderate level, balancing the price & the number of people on the bus, so you will get the biggest revenue.

Last and foremost is the route of trips. Players will have sầu lớn spend money lớn be able to drive on other routes other than the original route. Transporting customers in developed countries over long distances will help you reap huge profits.

When your business has the form size and financial potential, consider hiring other drivers to work for you. More employees means faster company development. Now is the time to become a genuine “boss”!

The Customer is God

Indeed, Bus Simulator: Ultimate is a very realistic game when it focuses on the reviews by customers. Your company’s growth will depend a lot on customer Reviews. They know how comfortable & uncomfortable they feel, and can then judge you when the ride ends. If you receive sầu high ratings, your guests will increase over time but will reverse if your service is not good.


You should always watch for customer feedback through text messages. Immediately overcome their complaints such as air conditioning problems, loudspeaker volume or personal needs such as hunger or going to the nhà wc, … Otherwise, they will be disappointed with your service.

MOD APK version of Bus Simulator: Ultimate

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You have sầu a lot of money. Money will increase as it is spent.


Turn off the Wifi before opening the game lớn avoid being banned and not be bothered by ads.

Download Bus Simulator: Ultimate MOD APK for Android

Overall, Bus Simulator: Ultimate is an extremely realistic bus simulation game for Android phones. If you can’t find a game khổng lồ relax on the weekends, tải về this one & join the không tính phí Europe tour.