Tải Game Booster 4X Pro

Download trò chơi Booster 4x Faster Pro APK latest for Android to lớn experience the full range of premium features. Help users avoid stuttering lag when playing games. Simultaneously, it helps tốc độ up gaming, increases device performance in just one touch.

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Introducing Game Booster 4x Faster Pro

What is Game Booster 4x Faster Pro?

While playing the game, the most frustrating thing for players is that the device quickly heats up và leads to lớn reduced Ping when playing. At the same time, it also causes the game to become laggy, affecting the game experience. To avoid this, right now we want to recommend lớn everyone the application trò chơi Booster 4x Faster Pro. It helps to lớn tốc độ up the device in just one touch. Improve the smoothness of the game, turn the phone inkhổng lồ a true gaming machine. No matter how poorly configured your device, it also makes the gameplay smoother.

Improved smoothness when playing games


trò chơi Booster 4x Faster Pro uses AI khổng lồ optimize your game. Provides the highest image unique for the device. At the same time, it helps lớn display the effects in the game smoothly, without any breakage. Make the overall experience-rich & versatile. With an automated performance tuning system, the application also enables the monitoring of system performance. Chechồng the system stability và fix the problems.

With just one touch, the application will automatically scan & remove applications running in the background. Instead, it will help increase performance for the game you want to lớn experience. It helps to miễn phí up RAM for the device and makes the gameplay smoothly. Not being out when playing the game.

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Main feature

Zero Lag mode – This mode helps to lớn optimize your game and device performance. Hardware-accelerated rendering, allowing for VULKAN and OPENGL 3.1+ support. At the same time, improve sầu the graphics unique of the game. Smooth frames with eye-catching effects. Moreover, this mode also helps lớn optimize the device GPU with OpenGL customizations.

GFX Tool – Helps change the resolution of the game up lớn FHD 1080p. For low-profile devices will unloông xã the extremely high HDR and FPS graphics. Utilize the power of your phone effectively.


Install Game Booster 4x Faster Pro APK steps

xuất hiện Settings of your device, go toSecurity/Privacy và Enable Unknown Sources.DownloadtheGame Booster 4x Faster Pro APKtệp tin below the article.Install it on your device. (“Allow from this source” if asked)Open & enjoy.

Download Game Booster 4x Faster Pro APK for Android

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