Tải game block puzzle

This game has awesome 3-D graphics and amazing sound that draws the player inkhổng lồ the Bloông xã Puzzle Jewel world. You will surely be stunned by the brilliant backgrounds while playing these challenging puzzles in Bloông xã Puzzle Jewel. This new school spin on a timeless classic gives allows the player to drop horizontal lines as well as vertical ones. Move sầu the puzzle pieces to lớn position & guide the shapes & blast those lines off the game board.

Invite your friends khổng lồ play Blochồng Puzzle Jewel and beat your high score on social media. Block Puzzle Jewel also features various events allowing you khổng lồ enter contests for limited edition prizes. Blochồng Puzzle Jewel PC is easy khổng lồ play và hard to lớn put down. It will definitely keep you engrossed for hours on the game screen!

So come tải về & join the fun!

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Step 1:

Download the Game Exe
Step 2:

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Install the Game
Step 3:

Play the Game

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