Tải game bbtan by 111 hack

Find yourself enjoying the fun and satisfying game on your điện thoại devices with BBTAN by 111% as you dive inlớn endless and intuitive breaking bricks gameplay. Feel không tính phí to lớn explore the endless và unlimited arcade gameplay as you sent your balls through the right trajectory to lớn break as many balls as possible.

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Stack up your balls by collecting new ones as you shoot. Break down the numbered bricks before they fall onto the edge. Try to stay alive for as long as possible while earning the best scores. Compete with friends and online gamers from all over the world in the ranking tables.

Find out more about this amazing game from 111% with our review.


For those of you who’re interested in the original Arkanoid gameplay, you’ll certainly find this casual game of BBTAN quite enjoyable on your di động devices. That being said, in the game, you’ll find yourself being introduced to lớn a limited board with numbered squares falling from the top after each turn.

Your job is lớn shoot your balls & break them off without letting any of them get closer khổng lồ you. Collect new balls each turn as you shoot and collect the boosters. Sover your balls up on the board & let them smash their way through the squares.

Try lớn earn the best scores as you survive the falling squares khổng lồ the kết thúc. And feel free lớn make uses of the available buffs on the screen lớn effectively redirect the balls. It’s all about the ayên và the tactics.



Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple & intuitive gameplay lớn enjoy on your thiết bị di động devices

Gamers in BBTAN will find themselves enjoying this simple, straightforward, and extremely intuitive sầu gameplay on their điện thoại device. Unleash your chains of Ping-Pong balls lớn smash through the numbered squares that keep falling down each turn. Destroy as many of them as you can in each turn to lớn effectively keep them at cất cánh.

And in the meantime, feel miễn phí lớn make uses of the available boosts on the board to lớn earn more balls, get additional strikes on the squares, or smash through them by changing the trajectory of your balls.

The game is easy và fun for all Android gamers to lớn enjoy on their Smartphone devices. Hence, it’ll only take a few minutes for you to install and start to lớn get used to the controls. Have fun playing BBTAN whenever you have sầu the time, even for a few minutes.

Complete different milestones and unloông chồng new challenges

As you survive sầu through each turn, you’ll also find yourself facing new challenges and obstacles. First of all, with each completed turn, the appearing squares will come in higher numbers, making it difficult to break them. In addition, you’ll find the guiding dots being removed once you reach a score of 100. Hence, the game will only get more challenging và interesting as you advance through different milestones.

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Different balls with chất lượng looks and powers

And for those of you who’re interested, you’ll also find BBTAN featuring a much more enjoyable và interesting gameplay compared khổng lồ other Arkanoid games. Here, you can collect different balls with unique effects & traits. Feel không lấy phí khổng lồ choose between 55 balls and make uses of their abilities to help you overcome the more difficult challenges as you advance. And at the same time, you can also enjoy the stunning visual experiences with each ball.


Enjoy the game with or without the Internet

In addition, lớn allow Android gamers to lớn enjoy the truly portable gameplay, gamers in BBTAN will also be able to lớn enjoy the game when they’re not connected to lớn the Internet. Hence, you can enjoy the endless Arkanoid gameplay whenever và wherever you want without having to connect your devices khổng lồ the Internet. Plus, you’ll also have sầu access to all your in-game purchases, even when offline, which is absolutely awesome.

Connect to lớn your Google Play Service tài khoản for unlockable contents

To unloông xã additional nội dung, you can also liên kết your Google Play Service trương mục khổng lồ the game. Enable the online cloud saves so you can easily sync your in-game progresses and purchased items between different devices. Plus, you’ll also unloông chồng the interesting in-game achievements which offer special rewards that couldn’t be found anywhere else.

Free to play

For those of you who don’t know yet, the game is currently miễn phí for all Android devices on the Google Play Store. Hence, you can easily look it up & download the game on your điện thoại devices without having to lớn pay anything. Enjoy the full nội dung with little restrictions whenever you want.

Enjoy unlimited coins with our mod

Moreover, if you find the in-game purchases and ads being a little annoying, you might want to go for our modified version of the game. This will offer unlimited coins that you can enjoy, the ad-không lấy phí gameplay that you’ve sầu always wanted, & more. And all it takes is for you to download the BBTAN Mod APK from our website.

Visual và sound quality


Gamers in BBTAN will find themselves completely satisfied with the game thanks lớn the accurate và responsive sầu in-game physics. This would allow you khổng lồ easily calculate your shots & be confident that they’ll hit.

In addition, with a colorful user interface và interesting visual effects during the gameplay, you’ll also find the game being quite enjoyable and addictive sầu. And most importantly, the undemanding graphics will ensure smooth và satisfying gameplay, even on your low-end devices.


Together with amazing visual experiences, gamers in BBTAN will also enjoy responsive sầu và intuitive sound effects. Find yourself completely hooked to the gameplay with immersive square popping sounds.

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Final thoughts

If you’re looking for a simple and casual game to enjoy on your Mobile devices such as Smash Hit và the likes, you’ll certainly find this awesome game from 100% enjoyable. Plus, with our thủ thuật, you can explore the completely unlocked gameplay for completely free.