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Only one sea of you in the world!Collect, raise & be healed.About 200 species of sea creatures.Can you meet rare fish?■ Features1. Training game to play with a little time2. Easy operation just to tap3. Relaxing flowing healing palm space4. Encounter with rare creatures5. Many missions

Amazing Game— Terrible Battery Drain

I’m a former Tap Tap Fish player who suffers from the “INSUFFICIENT RAM” iOS error so being able lớn play a game similar lớn that but with its own quality features that is actually FAIR khổng lồ FTPhường players is a dream come true. It’s not ungodly difficult to keep playing even after getting to the play that in typical “không tính tiền games” developers make it impossible khổng lồ vì chưng anything without buying something so I’m not discouraged at all & actually want to lớn keep playing! The goals are all attainable và because they’re fair to their players, I really vì not mind that there’s an ad every few minutes that I have sầu to lớn watch. It’s beautiful & fun và just an amazing game overall! Kudos!The only complaint I have is how hot my phone runs when I’m playing and how quickly my battery drains. After just 15-trăng tròn minutes of play, my phone gets hot enough that it slows down & makes it difficult to lớn play và the battery drains really quickly. Now, I’m trained on servicing iOS devices so I know that obatambeienwasirherbal.com with high processes cause this sort of behavior but I just really wish I could spend larger chunks of time playing this game without having lớn stop & let my phone cool down/charge bachồng up to lớn continue playing.

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Sooooo g•u•d

The colors are calming và beautiful. A little clumsy at first, but I got attached to lớn it quickly. Most endearing little fish collection app I’ve seen in the App Store. I keep fish in real life- but this, as unrealistic as it sounds, brings a little of the joy of my real finny babies into the digital world. So keep up the good work Pockeruime!

Really good

I love sầu the fish và how easy it is lớn get achievements, but I have a few suggestions. First off, I’d lượt thích it if the ocean was a lot bigger, so that all the animals could fit at once. Second, I think it would be really cool if you could get plants & sponges as well as animals, to make a wider variety of life. Third, if there could be multiple oceans or habitats for different biomes, such as coral reef, deep ocean, & tide pool, it would be much more lifelike. Please respond!

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