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an area outside a thành phố but near it and consisting mainly of homes, sometimes also having stores và small businesses:
Studies of suburbs & cities must combine the mutual interaction of socio-cultural formations & the built khung.
All of us believe sầu that restrictive sầu covenants were a critical element in the social composition và design of the suburbs.
There seem to have been at least four bakehouses within the town walls, and two more in the northern suburbs.
Attitudes to the suburbs were expressed in discussions related khổng lồ piped water supply và sewerage, especially the extension of water.
Nevertheless, the city"s population continued lớn increase & new suburbs developed outside the original town walls.
The đô thị pursued parallel programmes of building high-rise flats both in the central areas on slum cleared lvà and in its suburbs on greenfield sites.
As for samples collected in the city centre, those from western suburbs in residential districts remain differentiated whatever the period examined.
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These are words often used in combination with suburb.

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Environmental disaster makes no distinction, for example, between the sink estate và the affluent suburb.

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These sub-loops allowed more direct journeys to the city centre from the eastern suburbs giving the overall scheme greater viability.
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