As I am trying khổng lồ change my wireless IPv4 or DNS IP address, everything goes well until I click OK.

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The adapter window pops up this error: "An unexpected condition occurred. Not all of your requested changes in settings could be made"


Even when I restored Windows, disabled và re enabled the adapter, the problem was not solved.

Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: I fixed that by resetting Windows 10. No other solution worked for me.



I had the same issue.I solved the problem by opening a password secured Harddrive, which contained a Virtual Box.

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When all else fails troubleshooting a network issue, you can always remove sầu and re-add the network adapter.

Press Win+X, select Device Manager. mở cửa up Network Adapters & right-cliông xã your network adapter và select Uninstall. Since you said you have sầu VMWare, I would uninstall those virtual adapters as well, as well as any other virtual adapters tied khổng lồ the physical NIC.

Once that is done, reboot & let Windows redetect the NIC và install the drivers. Once that is complete, you can re-thiết đặt the VMWare virtual NICs.


I seen a case where it worked after

unlocking a secured HDD partition on that computer& also finishing the windows updates that were pending.

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