Convert An Object To Associative Array In Php

Seeing other languages like Java or C++ String is an Object.But in PHP is it the same thing ? Should I write string or String?I know it may be a strange question but I can"t find the answer even on

Thank you very much.

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A string is not an Object in PHP. You don"t have sầu khổng lồ cast the types of variables in PHP.. Seeà


A String is not a Object in PHPhường by Default and casting is not required but it can be introduced if you want using scalar_objects

class StringHandler public function length() return strlen($this); register_primitive_type_handler("string", "StringHandler");So you can easily have sầu



String is not an object in PHP, it"s a primitive type. The information is on

Lowercase string is correct for the few uses you might have sầu.


You can find pretty much everything related lớn types here:


String và object are two different things. But if you wanted lớn run your own checks:

if (is_object($var)) eđến "Var is an object"; elseif (is_string($var)) emang đến "var is a String"; else echo "var is neither an object or string";
Everyting can be achieved via the built-in functions of PHPhường, so you can vì all that you can with String objects.

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