Chiếm Spotlight Là Gì, Những Ý Nghĩa Của Spotlight

fig. Special-interest groups are effective at spotlighting neglected issues (= directing attention khổng lồ them).

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The investigations spotlighted the importance of accountability và official responsibility for faithful execution of laws.
We spotlighted international actors dedicated khổng lồ transnational infrastructures - international organisations and visionary individuals - as key witnesses to lớn this issue & a promising retìm kiếm site.
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When the clutch engaged, the electric timer, one direct floodlight, và two indirect spotlights were turned on automatically.
Such a broad protệp tin of two adjacent spotlights of attention would create substantial overlap, resulting in an attentional modulation in the intermediate regions.
Second it gives rise khổng lồ procedures & competencies khổng lồ interpret developments spotlighted by the information-collection exercise.
Commercial & political spotlights are shining brightly on xenotransplantation, at least temporarily relegating safer policy options to lớn the shadows.
A new book spotlighting the works of a major but sparsely represented playwright is khổng lồ be celebrated.
With a further increase of width, overlapping spotlights of attention might result in a peak activity in intermediate regions.

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The results show that dividing attention leads to multiple spotlights of attention for central as well as more peripheral locations of the visual field.
Late at night, police helicopters buzzed through the darkness, their spotlights fingering the ground & tracking individuals on streets and rooftops.

an area of land that is protected in order lớn keep safe the animals và plants that live sầu there, often because they are rare

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