How To Create A Blog In Php And Mysql Database

About Project

Responsive sầu Blog site project is developed using PHPhường., CSS, and JavaScript. Talking about the project, it has lots of features. A user can post blogs under the different category, add editors choice, links và view admin stats. This project is a complete blogging site for the users where different categories are divided for the users. It contains a homepage from where users can kiểm tra the lakiểm tra blogs. The viewer is allowed to lớn comment through their Facebook accounts.

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Admin Panel

Admin has full control of the system, he/she can add blogs, view all blogs, add and view categories, view published blogs, add & view website details, social link, add editors choice và view admin stats. The other main feature is that it also contains an admin area from where he/she can kiểm tra latest site updates và keep maintenance mode. While adding new blog the admin has lớn provide a title, select category, insert tags, nội dung, photos, date, author, và select status as a draft or publish. From the admin panel, he/she can easily customize the entire website. A responsive dashboard is provided in the admin panel for the easy management of the site.

In short, this responsive sầu blog site in PHP.. project is similar to lớn a WordPress blog site. All the important features that are required for a blogging site is set for this project. This responsive sầu blog site in PHP helps a user to post blogs online easily just like using a WordPress. Design of this project’s trang đích cần seo is pretty simple và responsive sầu so that user won’t find it difficult to lớn understvà, use và navigate.

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To run this project you must have sầu installed virtual hệ thống i.e XAMPP on your pc (for Windows). Responsive sầu blog site in PHPhường is không lấy phí to download with source code. Use for educational purpose only! For the project chạy thử, have a look at the image slider below.


Admin PanelPost BlogsBlog categoriesDraftsEditor’s choiceSocial linksAdmin statsHow To Run??

After Starting Apabịt và MySQL in XAMPPhường, follow the following steps

1st Step: Extract file2nd Step: Copy main project folder3rd Step: Paste in xampp/htdocs/

Now Connecting Database

4th Step: Open a browser & go to URL “http://localhost/phpmyadmin/”5th Step: Then, clichồng on databases tab6th Step: Create database naming “blog_admin_db” and then click on import tab7th Step: Cliông chồng on browse tệp tin và select “blog_admin_db.sql” file which is inside “databasefile” folder8th Step: Click on go.

After Creating Database,

9th Step: xuất hiện a browser and go to lớn URL “http://localhost/resblog/”For Admin PanelFinal Step: Go To URL “http://localhost/resblog/blogadmin/”Provide the username và password which is provided inside the “Readme.txt” file.


Project Demo


Download Project