How To Check The Php Version

Is there a way to kiểm tra the version of PHP that executed a particular script from within that script? So for example, the following snippet

$version = way_to_get_version();print $version;would print 5.3.0 on one machine, và 5.3.1 on another machine.

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$version = phpversion();print $version;Documentation

However, for best practice, I would use the constant PHP_VERSION. No function overhead, and cleaner IMO.

Also, be sure to use version_compare() if you are comparing PHP versions for compatibility.


Technically the best way to vì chưng it is with the constant PHP_VERSION as it requires no function call and the overhead that comes with it.

echo PHP_VERSION;constants are always faster then function calls.



You can either use the phpversion() function or the PHP_VERSION constant.

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To compare versions you should always rely on version_compare().

phpversion() is one way. As John conde said, PHP_VERSION is another (that I didn"t know about "till now).

You may also be interested in function_exists()

If you typecast the output đầu ra of phpversion() lớn a floating point number, it will give you the major và minor version parts. This way you can implement PHP compatibility easily.

$version = (float)phpversion();if ($version > 7.0) //do something for php7.1 và above. Elseif ($version === 7.0) //do something for php7.0 else //do something for php5.6 or lower.
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