Za True White Day Protector, Night Cream & Toner Review

What’s in the name? Sometimes not much! Have sầu you seen Happy New Year? I am sure Farah messed up the name and she meant Happy Independence Day! I swear halfway inlớn the movie và my bro asked “is it independence day today?” The movie itself was unbearable và add lớn it the stupid songs every 10min took it a whole new màn chơi of stupid! Closer to my vanity, I think Za should have sầu named this classy looking all trắng range something lượt thích True Radiance! White just doesn’t feel right..neither on TV nor on a label. Anyhoo I have been trying out this range from 3 months now & already reviewed the Cleansing Foam. Now its time for the True White Night Cream, Toner and Day Protector. And incidentally its the first time all my skin care products are from the same brand!


Za True White Night Cream Review

Za Claims: This whitening Night Cream works hard while you are fast asleep. Gives high Whitening effect by diminishing melanisation, dark sports, blemish marks & patchiness lớn reveal translucent, clear skin; and Moisturizing effect by removing excess surface cells, while deeply hydrating skin from inside-out.

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To put it in one word: I found my HG night cream for summers. You know I told you in this danh sách of night creams post that I have sầu my HG winter night cream in place và now finally I have sầu my summer cream too. Its gel based so absorbs within seconds and never makes my face feel oily or greasy when I wake up. It makes my skin brighter and more even và never gives me breakouts. I have almost reached pan on this one. Its not heavy enough for winters so I would be buying it next year now. If you have sầu been looking for a night cream for acne prone combination skin with oily Tzone then go with this one blindly.

Price: Rs.999

VNA Rating: 4.5/5

Za True White Toner Review

Za Claims: This brightening toner gives high whitening effect by diminishing melanization of dark sports, blemish marks và patchiness to reveal translucent, clear skin. Moisturizing effect by removing excess skin surface cells, deeply hydrating the skin lớn make it soft và supple

I have sầu never been regular with toners and probably that’s why I don’t preach the CTM routine. For me toners have sầu always been more of a novelty than necessity. I vày use it sometimes if I remember to & when I vị it feels a lot moisturizing..sometimes more than what my oily skin can handle. So I guess its more suited for dry skin.

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Price: Rs.699

VNA Rating: 3/5


Swatches left: Day Protector, right: Night Cream

ZA True White Day Protector SPF 26 PA++ Review

Za Claims: This effective Day Protector minimizes the appearance of visible melanin build-up, veils skin with a pearly radiance that enhances skin tone making it brighter while SPF 26 PA++ formula protects from UVA và UVB.

Its a sunscreen with SPF 26 which I feel is a little less for Indian climate. So I use it on days when I know I would be spending more of my time indoors. It takes a little effort in blending since the texture is thicker than the True White Day Cream. So it does feel a little heavy for my oily skin. It does give a white cast on application which goes away after sometime. Overall I stopped using this in summers but now with a slight chill in the Delhi weather its working smoothly. Its more of a winter cream in my opinion. Dry skin girls would lượt thích it in summers too.

Price: Rs.799

VNA Rating: 3.5/5


That’s my nhận xét of the Za True White Range including the Toner, Day Protector and Night Cream. If I have lớn recommkết thúc then my absolute favoutites from this range have to be the Cleansing Foam & Night Cream và both of them are not just my favourites but have become part of HG skin care routine. I absolutely recommkết thúc them. I’m almost finished with these & soon I would start testing the Za Perfect Solution range too so look out for the nhận xét in about 5-6 weeks.

PS – Do you feel HNY could have sầu been named Tismarkhan 2? Because I so feel its her husbvà và not her behind it!