I"m trying khổng lồ create a json object from MySQL results, but not getting the result I need.

Here is the PHP

$json = array();$result = mysqli_query ($connection, $query); echo "."","; echo ""longitude":"".$row."","; echo ""icon":".""./images/".$row.".png""; echo "}"; } echo ">"; $jsonstring = json_encode($json); echo $jsonstring; die(); It outputs this

But I want this

once I get the result I need to pass the object to a jQuery plugin function if that makes any difference

$.getJSON("myJsonURL, function(myMarkers) $("#map").goMap( markers: myMarkers ););Thanks

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Active Oldest Votes26I guess the correct way to bởi vì this would be:

$json = array();$result = mysqli_query ($connection, $query);while($row = mysqli_fetch_array ($result)) $bus = array( "latitude" => $row, "longitude" => $row, "icon" => "./images/" . $row . ".png" ); array_push($json, $bus);$jsonstring = json_encode($json);echo $jsonstring;die(); tóm tắt Follow answered Dec 22 "10 at 8:35


RabidFireRabidFire 6,12011 gold badge2525 silver badges2424 bronze badges 2 địa chỉ cửa hàng a bình luận | 7you output your json by hand and then you điện thoại tư vấn json_encode on an empty array() - $json

json_encode() outputs on you pass an empty array so your last comes from here$jsonstring = json_encode($json); echo $jsonstring;Edit: More about json_encode json_encode php manual

chia sẻ Follow answered Dec 22 "10 at 8:26

cristiancristian 8,26033 gold badges3535 silver badges4343 bronze badges 3 add a comment | 5You start by defining an array.

Bạn đang xem: Hiểu rõ về json là gì? converting an object to json in php

Bạn đã xem: Php return json php json, converting an object to lớn json in php

You then generate some JSON manually.

You then convert the array lớn JSON và output it.

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chia sẻ Follow answered Dec 22 "10 at 8:25

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