I have two words spirited by space of course, and a lot of spaces before và after,what I need to vì chưng is to remove the before and after spaces without the in between once.

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How can I remove the spaces before & after it?



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You don"t need regex for that, use trim():

$words = " my words ";$words = trim($words);var_dump($words);// string(8) "my words"This function returns a string with whitespace stripped from the beginning & end of str.

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For completeness (as this question is tagged regex), here is a trim() reimplementation in regex:

function preg_trim($subject) $regex = "/s*(.*)s*/s"; if (preg_match ($regex, $subject, $matches)) $subject = $matches<1>; return $subject;$words = " my words ";$words = preg_trim($words);var_dump($words);// string(8) "my words"


For some reason two solutions above didnt worked for me, so i came up with this solution.

function cleanSpaces($string) while(substr($string, 0,1)==" ") $string = substr($string, 1); cleanSpaces($string); while(substr($string, -1)==" ") $string = substr($string, 0, -1); cleanSpaces($string); return $string;


The question was about how to bởi vì it with regex, so:

$str1=~ s/^s+|s+$//g; That says ^ at the begining s+ (white space) | or s+$ (whitespace at the end) //g remove repeatedly. This same concept works in "ed" (vi/vim)

sometimes it is better just khổng lồ answer the question that was asked.

If trim is not working for you as well , try this. You just need to lớn write it khổng lồ a different variable;

$str = " hello world ";echo strlen($str);$trim_str = trim($str);echo strlen($trim_str);
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