Why Use Sprintf Function In Php Sprintf() Function, Php String Sprintf() Function

The arg1, arg2, ... Parameters will be inserted at percent (%) signs in the main string.

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This function works "step-by-step".

At the first % sign, arg1 is inserted, at the second % sign, arg2 is inserted, etc.

If there are more % signs than arguments, you must use placeholders.

A placeholder is inserted after the % sign, và consists of the argument- number and "$". See example two.

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Parameter Values

Parameter Description
format Required. Specifies the string and how lớn format the variables in it.
arg1 Required. The argument khổng lồ be inserted at the first %-sign in the format string
arg2 Optional. The argument khổng lồ be inserted at the second %-sign in the format string
arg++ Optional. The argument khổng lồ be inserted at the third, fourth, etc. %-sign in the format string
format possible format values:

Item Description
%% Returns a percent sign
%b Binary number
%c The character according to the ASCII value
%d Signed decimal number (negative, zero or positive)
%e Scientific notation using a lowercase (e.g. 1.2e+2)
%E Scientific notation using a uppercase (e.g. 1.2E+2)
%u Unsigned decimal number (equal khổng lồ or greater than zero)
%f Floating-point number (local settings aware)
%F Floating-point number (not local settings aware)
%g shorter of %e và %f
%G shorter of %E and %f
%o Octal number
%s String
%x Hexadecimal number (lowercase letters)
%X Hexadecimal number (uppercase letters)

Additional format values.

These are placed between the % và the letter (example %.2f):

Item Description
+ Forces both + and - in front of numbers. By default, only negative numbers are marked
" Specifies what to lớn use as padding. Mặc định is space. Must be used together with the width specifier. Example: %"x20s (this uses "x" as padding) - (Left-justifies the variable value)
<0-9> Specifies the minimum width held of khổng lồ the variable value
.<0-9> Specifies the number of decimal digits or maximum string length Note: If multiple additional format values are used, they must be in the same order as above.


Returns the formatted string


Using the format value %f:


"%f",$number);echo $txt;?>


Use of placeholders:




A demonstration of all possible format values:


// The ASCII Character 50 is 2// Note: The format value "%%" returns a percent signecho sprintf("%%b = %b",$num1)." "; // Binary numberecho sprintf("%%c = %c",$char)." "; // The ASCII Characterecho sprintf("%%d = %d",$num1)." "; // Signed decimal numberecho sprintf("%%d = %d",$num2)." "; // Signed decimal numberecho sprintf("%%e = %e",$num1)." "; // Scientific notation (lowercase)echo sprintf("%%E = %E",$num1)." "; // Scientific notation (uppercase)echo sprintf("%%u = %u",$num1)." "; // Unsigned decimal number (positive)echo sprintf("%%u = %u",$num2)." "; // Unsigned decimal number (negative)echo sprintf("%%f = %f",$num1)." "; // Floating-point number (ls aware)echo sprintf("%%F = %F",$num1)." "; // Floating-point number (not aware)echo sprintf("%%g = %g",$num1)." "; // Shorter of %e and %fecho sprintf("%%G = %G",$num1)." "; // Shorter of %E & %fecho sprintf("%%o = %o",$num1)." "; // Octal numberecho sprintf("%%s = %s",$num1)." "; // Stringecho sprintf("%%x = %x",$num1)." "; // Hexadecimal number (lowercase)echo sprintf("%%X = %X",$num1)." "; // Hexadecimal number (uppercase)echo sprintf("%%+d = %+d",$num1)." "; // Sign specifier (positive)echo sprintf("%%+d = %+d",$num2)." "; // Sign specifier (negative)?>


A demonstration of string specifiers:


"Hello";$str2 = "Hello world!";echo sprintf("<%s>",$str1)." "; // Stringecho sprintf("<%8s>",$str1)." "; // Right-justifies the string with spacesecho sprintf("<%-8s>",$str1)." "; // Left-justifies the string with spacesecho sprintf("<%08s>",$str1)." "; // Zero-paddingecho sprintf("<%"*8s>",$str1)." "; // Adds "*"echo sprintf("<%8.8s>",$str2)." "; // Left-justifies the string with spaces //(cuts off characters after the specified value)?>



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