Free php report maker alternatives is an intuitive và flexible open Source PHP Reporting Framework for faster và easier data report delivery.

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Currently v5.6.2

What can vì for you?

Containing highly data-focused functionalities, save your time và effort in all data related tasks ranging from data retrievalto processing & visualization.



Various datasources

Pull your data wherever they are from MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle or even from CSV or Excel.


Powerful data processing

Transform your data into valuable insightsby series of powerful & ready-to-use processes.


Stunning data visualization

Effectively communicate data insights khổng lồ your audiences with beautiful charts & graphs.

Learn more about and how to lớn build your business intelligence center by examples

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Designed lớn be simple, fast và extensible.

We love to be lean, to lớn be simple, lớn be enough and extend when needed.We hope you vì chưng too.

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Simple & Easy

Only takes you 10 minutes lớn install & create your first report.


Light & Fast

Handling your millions rows of data in a second, thanks to lớn its light structure.



Ability khổng lồ extend functionalities to lớn serve your growing needs.

Building your excellent data reports

Thousands of corporate reports are being built with started on your own with our growingcollections of examplesor by exploring some of our favorites.


Myriad of examples, detail documentation và the enthusiasm of our supporting team will guarantee the highest chất lượng of your data report delivery.

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Take khổng lồ the pro level with the powers of all extended packages:advanced data analysis, pivot tables, PDF exporting & more.Owning Pro, you gain access khổng lồ special privileges of Priority support and không tính phí Upgrade.

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" helps me very much in creating data report for my corporate! Keep up your good work!"

Alain Melsens

"The first use of your product. I was impressed by its easiness and powerfulness. This hàng hóa is a great product & amazing."