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Array Operators

Array Operators Example Name Result $a + $b Union Union of $a & $b. $a == $b Echất lượng true if $a & $b have the same key/value pairs. $a === $b Identity true if $a & $b have the same key/value pairs in the same order & of the same types. $a != $b Inechất lượng true if $a is not equal khổng lồ $b. $a <> $b Inequality true if $a is not equal to lớn $b. $a !== $b Non-identity true if $a is not identical to lớn $b.

The + operator returns the right-hand array appended khổng lồ the left-h& array; for keys that exist in both arrays, the elements from the left-hvà array will be used, và the matching elements from the right-hvà array will be ignored.

$a = array("a" => "apple""b" => "banana");
$b = array("a" => "pear""b" => "strawberry""c" => "cherry");

$c $a $b// Union of $a and $b
echo "Union of $a and $b:  ";

$c $b $a// Union of $b and $a
echo "Union of $b and $a:  ";

$a += $b// Union of $a += $b is $a and $b
echo "Union of $a += $b:  ";

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$a = array("apple""banana");
$b = array(=> "banana""0" => "apple");

var_dump($a == $b); // bool(true)
var_dump($a === $b); // bool(false)

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