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Strings in PHP can be converted khổng lồ numbers (float / int / double) very easily. In most use cases, it won’t be required since PHP does implicit type conversion. There are many methods khổng lồ convert string into number in PHP some of them are discussed below:Method 1: Using number_format() Function. The number_format() function is used lớn convert string into a number. It returns the formatted number on success otherwise it gives E_WARNING on failure.

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Method 2: Using type casting: Typecasting can directly convert a string into float, double or integer primitive type. This is the best way khổng lồ convert a string into number without any function.

Method 3: Using intval() and floatval() Function. The intval() & floatval() functions can also be used lớn convert the string into its corresponding integer và float values respectively.

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Method 4: By adding 0 or by performing mathematical operations. The string number can also be converted into an integer or float by adding 0 with the string. In PHP, performing mathematical operations, the string is converted lớn an integer or float implicitly.
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