15 nosql databases using php

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I"m looking to lớn use a NoSquốc lộ solution for my next project, which will be written in PHPhường. What choices bởi vì I have sầu in terms of NoSQL solutions that can easily interfaced via PHP? I haven"t done much thinking about the architecture yet, so I"m not sure what my needs will be; I"d simply like khổng lồ know what my choices are so I don"t build something I can"t reasonably implement.

For instance, I know Stavrou has Pandra, but that"s just a PHPhường. library. MongoDB has a native PECL extension.

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CouchDB has PHPillow:

PHPillow is an object orientated wrapper for CouchDB. Releases can be found on the downloads page. Apabít CouchDB is a distributed, fault-tolerant & schema-không tính phí document-oriented database accessible via a RESTful HTTP/JSON API. Aao ước other features, it provides robust, incremental replication with bi-directional conflict detection và resolution, and is queryable và indexable using a table-oriented view engine with JavaScript acting as the mặc định view definition language.

Also see http://nosql-database.org for a good overview.

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I wrote the PHP driver for MongoDB và I think it"s a great interface :)

The mongo PECL package is not only pretty mature (comparatively... nearly a year and a half old now!) và fairly thoroughly documented, it is really widely used. If you kiểm tra out MongoDB"s PHPhường page, you can see that there are ways of integrating it with Cake, Doctrine, Drupal, Kohana, Symfony, và Zkết thúc, as well as a couple admin GUIs (like PHPMoAdmin) & several of it"s own ODMs (object document mappers).

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P..S. salathe has a good point, though, the best solution is really going lớn depkết thúc on what you"re doing.

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a NoSQL solution

Your question is very vague, whether you intended it or not. Without knowing that you are wanting khổng lồ get out of the NoSquốc lộ solution then any recommendations would just be naming names (not necessarily a bad thing, but nothing that you can"t Google yourself in a few minutes). For example, the two that you name above (Cassandra & MongoDB) are different animals: to base the choice on friendliness seems a little short-sighted.

So, could you have sầu a think about it, then come và elaborate on the project (no need to divulge details; general approaches, wants và desires, that sort of thing) khổng lồ aid us in helping you move sầu towards a choice?

P.S. This is only an "answer" because it"s too long for a comment. Waffley fingers!

P.P.S. Not that it means anything, but I am quite the fan of MongoDB... with PHPhường or otherwise.

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I have not tried it yet myself, but it"s on my lớn bởi list: trying out mongo with php.

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answered May 12 "10 at 19:33

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