PHP: Merge one or more arrays

The array_merge() function used to lớn merge one or more arrays. If the đầu vào arrays have sầu matching string keys, then the later value will override it"s the previous counterpart. Ifthe input đầu vào arrays contain numeric keys, the later value will be appended instead of overriding the original value. If there is only one array, the array is numerically indexed, the keys get reindexed in a continuous way.


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array_merge(array_name1, array_name2, array_name3...) Parameters:

NameDescriptionRequired /Optional Type
array_name1The name of the array. RequiredArray

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The name of the array.OptionalArray

Return value:

The merged array.

Value Type: Array


"Physics","Chemistry", "Biology");$array2=array("Class-XI", "Class-XII", "Section"=>"A");$result=array_merge($array1, $array2);print_r($result);?>Output:

Array ( => Physics <0> => Chemistry <1> => Biology <2> => Class-XI <3> => Class-XII

=> A ) Pictorial Presentation:


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PHP: Tips of the Day

$_REQUEST: An associative sầu array that by default contains the contents of $_GET, $_POST và $_COOKIE.

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As the PHP documentation states, this is just a collation of $_GET, $_POST, & $_COOKIE all in one variable

Since it is possible for all three of those arrays to lớn have an index with the same name, there is a setting in thephp.ini tệp tin called request_order which can specify which of the three has precedence.

For instance, if it was set khổng lồ "GPC", then the value of $_COOKIE will be used, as it is read from left khổng lồ right meaningthe $_REQUEST will set its value to $_GET, then $_POST, and then $_COOKIE & since $_COOKIE is last that is the valuethat is in $_REQUEST.


emang lại "Hi " . htmlspecialchars($_GET<"name">) . "!";Output:

Hi !

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