Generating An Md5 Hash Generator, Php Md5() Function

I"m starting to develop the user"s registration on my project. The users would confirm their registering by a link sent by email.

I thought I could use the email inserted on the form, plus a random salt, và hash this concatened string, so that becomes each string token unique. The liên kết would be something lượt thích this: think it"s good and easy khổng lồ build, but I"m not sure if it"s secure enough.

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I"m developing this project using CakePHP 2.7 & SQL server 2014.


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It really depends on how you generate the MD5. Just ensure your data is random. I don"t use MD5 for generating these types of hashes, and instead will bởi something like:

$email_token = openssl_random_pseudo_bytes(16);$token = bin2hex($email_token);Personally, I would opt for something lượt thích this using random_bytes if using PHP7.

$email_token = bin2hex(random_bytes($length));For PHP5 there"s a polyfill available:


You should think about what a potential attacker could bởi if he is able khổng lồ generate tokens that bởi vì not belong to lớn him and then decide if the MD5 hash is good enough.

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If I got it correctly you just want to lớn verify a users e-mail and only create an tài khoản if the user really owns the email address. Would it be bad for you or the owner of the address if an attacker creates 1000 accounts with faked emails?

As always, security depends on the situation, IMO.

If you want lớn play it safe, don"t let your token depend on user data. Generate a completely random token & save it beside the pending registration in your database.


Use a completely random value for the user which you generate at the time of registration, run it through "sha1" or "sha2", store it in the db, and use that in the email. Then you just check if that value is in the database. If you wanted to additionally associate the hash with another data point (such as their email) all the better.


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