Why am i seeing eval base64_decode in my wordpress php files?

Within a period of one month, we received multiple requests of cleanups from our clients và we were pretty happy lớn be the best in WordPress cleanups. While communicating with one of the clients on various reasons for website hacking, we came lớn know that his WordPress website is victim of eval base64 decode thủ thuật i.e. When a user is trying to access their trang web on search engine, he is redirected khổng lồ an attack site.

When a trusted website is being redirected khổng lồ an attack website , it means the website is hacked và the tin tặc has modified some Php scripts khổng lồ create the automated redirection.

So here I decided the next topic I will be writing on. Though I needed to do huge research on the whole concept, finally I have sum up every single piece to make you understand how to lớn remove eval(base64_decode()) from a hacked WordPress site .

Beginning with the six step guide on Cleaning php eval(base64_decode()) thủ thuật from a WordPress site, let us tell you the key-points of the article: