This is the best

I've tried a lot of editing programs, but it's the best.Clean, fast và not full of many unnecessary extensions.Low resource requirements.

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The best!

One of the best IDE's e have ever seen for PHP programming.. I have tried many alternatives, but i keep falling back lớn this one, i REALLY love this piece of software.. It is AMAZING!Can only be recommended.. 5 Stars from me!


The best IDE I've ever seen I think, at least for PHP. Sure, it has it's downs, but it absolutely helps me more than any other IDE I've tried, and it is extremely easy to use & understand.

Create và edit website page code faster và easier

If you think IDE's like Eclipse are too FAT, too slow or not simple lớn use, then you have come lớn the right place.PHP Designer is an intuitive, flexible, light-weight but full-featured IDE lớn a very affordable price. You owe it lớn yourself to try it out.Furthermore mpsoftware offers great support.

All You Need Is Love?

Wrong! All you need is a good IDE và that's just what phpdesigner is. A professional, straight forward developing software that helps you all the way from the first lines of code to lớn the final optimized application. An outstandingly neat interface goes hand in hand with a load of helpful functions no matter what you working with, HTML, CSS, JavaScript or PHP. From small projects lớn big framework based, object orientated website applications, phpdesigner will be your mate in handling the workload.The more you work with it, the more you'll love it. So even if love was all you needed, buy it anyway!

Great Software with Excellent response khổng lồ Community Input

I have enjoyed using this software since the day I installed. It has every feature I could want in an IDE. MP Software is doing an excellent job taking what the community of users wants & implementing it into the application.

Super support!

Every time I have sent an e-mail to the author, I've got my reply within a few hours even late at night.5 stars without even mentioning the chất lượng of the company's software.

The best PHP IDE & PHP Editor for all

This editor is more than just a powerful & lightning fast PHP IDE & PHP Editor - it's also a full-featured HTML, CSS & JavaScript editor. There is user-friendly environment that makes it enjoyable to use for hours for both beginners & professional developers. I recommend.

The best alternative to Zend Studio

I have used phpDesigner for more than 2 years.phpDesigner 7 definitely deserves its place on my desktop, fast,powerful và user-friendly.The price makes this beautiful piece of software excellent value.PhpDesigner 7 is the best alternative khổng lồ Zend Studio.

Fast, lightweight và overall excellent!

This is the best IDE I've used lớn date. It allows me to vị what I need to bởi vì without hesitation & it simply works! The auto-complete feature for example is extremely responsive and doesn't slow down the IDE at all while working - unlike a few others that I've tried. You simply must try this - it has a free 21 day trial.

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Suits my needs!

I've used a lot of IDEs, but this one is the best I've tried ever. Give it a shot!

No other like PHPDesigner

First of all I want to lớn say that I don't know what will be of me without my PHPDesigner. This software besides being the definitive tool for web development has the most amazing support on the planet. Tư vấn is very responsive that you'll even feel that they have somebody dedicated just to your account. The community is also very helpful.This is hands down the best software you can get lớn maximize your skills if you are still learning or even for the professional lớn speed up work.Way lớn go MPSoftware!!

Has everything a developer needs!

There is a reason why PHP Designer is rated so high above other IDEs, It has everything. It has an FTP client, PHP Manual, PHP live syntax checking, popup info on function usage, and so much more! The layout can be customized to any developers needs or wants, along with changing the color of the syntax. It supports the norm of CSS, JS, PHP, HTML, but also many other languages. The interface is intuitive, easy to use, và fully packed with useful features. Also my favorite feature is: its ability khổng lồ beautify code. It makes your code much easier lớn read and to develop with. If you are a website developer seeking for a good editor that doesn't cost huge amounts lượt thích Adobe's products, get PHP Designer! I personally think it is better than Adobe's.

Simple lớn use, flexible, light-weight và full-featured

By today, the PhpDesigner is the best price / quality chose I ever found on the market; It's light, fast loading và processing, a lot of options creating a full developpement environment. Try it by yourself !

Best Ever

This has been the best php ide i have used yet. The amazing work that has been put into this software is second to none, the service and tư vấn is great & i love that we can get 24 hrs tư vấn on facebook cause that's where i spen all my time.....So if you are a developer i urge you khổng lồ get this software now!!!!1

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