Php concat 2 array

Definition and Usage

The array_merge() function merges one or more arrays into lớn one array.

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Tip: You can assign one array khổng lồ the function, or as many as you lượt thích.

Note: If two or more array elements have the same key, the last one overrides the others.

Note: If you assign only one array to the array_merge() function, & the keys are integers, the function returns a new array with integer keys starting at 0 & increases by 1 for each value (See example below).

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Tip: The difference between this function & the array_merge_recursive() function is when two or more array elements have the same key. Instead of override the keys, the array_merge_recursive() function makes the value as an array.


array_merge(array1, array2, array3, ...)

Parameter Values

Parameter Description array1 Required. Specifies an array array2 Optional. Specifies an array array3,... Optional. Specifies an array

Technical Details

Return Value: Returns the merged array PHPhường. Version: 4+ Changelog: As of PHP 5.0, this function only accept parameters of type array

More Examples


Merge two associative arrays inkhổng lồ one array:

"red","b"=>"green"); $a2=array("c"=>"blue","b"=>"yellow"); print_r(array_merge($a1,$a2));?>
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Using only one array parameter with integer keys:

"red",4=>"green"); print_r(array_merge($a));?>
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