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We pledge that our downloads are always không tính phí ofmalware, spyware, and adware. Furthermore, we refuse to lớn bundle any softwareunrelated to lớn such as browser toolbars or tải về managers.However, we can only provide that guarantee if you come khổng lồ this websitekhổng lồ tải về.

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We think your OS is Well, we don"t actually know. Either JavaScript is disabled, or I am not working quite right. So, I am showing you all the options.

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Site 1 (FossHub) Site 2 (GitHub)
Windows installer Windows installer
Windows portable zip Windows portable zip

(64-bit macOS 10.12+)

Site 1 (FossHub) Site 2 (GitHub)
Hãng sản xuất Intel macOS Hãng Intel macOS
ARM64 macOS ARM64 macOS

An unsigned tiện ích bundle is available onGitHub so that youcan modify the build per the Free Software license agreement.

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(64-bit Mint 19+, Ubuntu/Pop!_OS 18.04+, Debian 10+, Fedora 28+, Manjaro 17.1+, MX Linux 19+, elementary OS 5+)

Site 1 (FossHub) Site 2 (GitHub)
Linux portable tar Linux portable tar
Linux AppImage Linux AppImage

Linux portable tar users: No install required, simply extract the archive và runit. You can drag the folder to lớn copy and move sầu it wherever youwant. If double-clicking the icon in your tệp tin manager does not, open, & try double-clicking the shellscript. Do not try to run bin/ directly. You may need to installJACK from your distribution.Here is a pagethat lists some required packages for specific distributions.

Snap Users: On snap-enabled systems, installfrom the store with snap install --classicSince this snap is using classic confinement based on the portable zip above,not all dependencies are bundled, & it has the same run-time requirements asthe portable tar.

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File checksums for downloads are available inmd5sumor sha256sum format.

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Older versions areavailable for tải về.

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This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, butWITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITYor FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.