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A class is a template for objects, & an object is an instance of class.

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OOPhường Case

Let"s assume we have a class named Fruit. A Fruit can have sầu properties like name, color, weight, etc. We can define variables lượt thích $name, $color, and $weight to hold the values of these properties.

When the individual objects (hãng apple, banamãng cầu, etc.) are created, they inherit all the properties and behaviors from the class, but each object will have different values for the properties.

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Define a Class

A class is defined by using the class keyword, followed by the name of the class và a pair of curly braces (?>

Below we declare a class named Fruit consisting of two properties ($name and $color) and two methods set_name() and get_name() for setting & getting the $name property:

Define Objects

Classes are nothing without objects! We can create multiple objects from a class. Each object has all the properties & methods defined in the class, but they will have different property values.

Objects of a class is created using the new từ khoá.

In the example below, $táo Apple & $banana are instances of the class Fruit:

set_name("Apple");$banana->set_name("Banana"); emang lại $apple->get_name();emang đến "
"; emang đến $banana->get_name();?>

In the example below, we add two more methods khổng lồ class Fruit, for setting and getting the $color property:

set_name("Apple"); $apple->set_color("Red");emang lại "Name: " . $apple->get_name();echo "
"; eđến "Color: " . $apple->get_color();?>

PHP - The $this Keyword

The $this từ khóa refers to lớn the current object, và is only available inside methods.

Look at the following example:

So, where can we change the value of the $name property? There are two ways:

1. Inside the class (by adding a set_name() method and use $this):

PHPhường - instanceof

You can use the instanceof từ khóa to kiểm tra if an object belongs to a specific class:

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Report Error

If you want to lớn report an error, or if you want to make a suggestion, vì not hesitate lớn sover us an e-mail:


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