Not in array php

I am trying khổng lồ check if an element is not in array than want to redirect page: My code is as below:

$id = $access_data<"Privilege"><"id">; if(!in_array($id,$user_access_arr))

I am confused how khổng lồ check if element is not in array. As we can check element exist or not in array using in_array function of PHP.. I am trying to check it using (!in_array) but I did not got result.

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Can you post the values of $id & $user_access_arr ? – Rikesh Mar 11 "14 at 5:10
$id = 31; $user_access_arr = (<0> => 4,<1> => 8,<2> => 12,<3> => 31) – s4suryapal Mar 11 "14 at 5:12

So as you can see 31 value exist in your array. So in_array will return true. – Rikesh Mar 11 "14 at 5:13

if(!in_array($id,$user_access_arr)) not working in this case because you already have the value of id in your $user_access_arr array – jogesh_pi Mar 11 "14 at 5:19
$id = 31; $user_access_arr = (<0> => 4,<1> => 8,<2> => 12) if array value is like this than what will be the result – s4suryapal Mar đôi mươi "14 at 5:37

I prefer this

if(in_array($id,$user_access_arr) == false)


if (in_array(search_value, array) == false) // value is not in array
Excuse me, that's the original poster so in this case the person asking a question. It helps if answers are – Edwin Sep 14 "17 at 9:32
Yeah, but more than answer for OP are answers here for people searching similar problems, I guess. > How lớn kiểm tra not in array element in php – Tomas Kaidl Sep 14 "17 at 9:40
$id = $access_data<"Privilege"><"id">; if(!in_array($id,$user_access_arr)); $user_access_arr<> = $id; $this->Session->setFlash(__("Access Denied! You are not eligible khổng lồ access this."), "flash_custom_success"); return $this->redirect(array("controller"=>"Dashboard","action"=>"index"));

Try with array_intersect method

$id = $access_data<"Privilege"><"id">; if(count(array_intersect($id,$user_access_arr)) == 0)

I think everything that you need is array_key_exists:

if (!array_key_exists("id", $access_data<"Privilege">))
$array1 = "Orange"; $array2 = array("Apple","Grapes","Orange","Pineapple"); if(in_array($array1,$array2))else

you can check using php in_array() built in function

and you can also check using this

1, "second" => 4); if (array_key_exists("first", $search_array)) ?>

in_array() is fine if you"re only checking but if you need lớn check that a value exists & return the associated key, array_tìm kiếm is a better option.

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$data = array( 0 => "Key1", 1 => "Key2" ); $key = array_search("Key2", $data); if ($key) else

for more details

$data = array( 0 => "Key1", 1 => "Key2" ); $key = array_search("Key2", $data); if ($key) else
Thank you for this code snippet, which might provide some limited, immediate help. A proper explanation would greatly improve its long-term value by showing why this is a good solution khổng lồ the problem and would make it more useful lớn future readers with other, similar questions. Please edit your answer to lớn add some explanation, including the assumptions you’ve made. – jasie Mar 3 at 9:42

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