Kaldaien/far: fix (nier) automata resolution




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Special K features NieR: Automata specific tweaks & features (collectively known as FAR) created by Kaldaien with contributions from various individuals. For years these tweaks were essential khổng lồ fix various issues the Steam version of the trò chơi suffered from, and many of these features và fixes made their way into the game officially following an update to lớn the trò chơi released by Square Enix on July 15, 2021.

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With the current state of the game Special K is no longer as essential though it still features improvements lớn the latest version of the game that some may find beneficial: Enables much faster loading times. Can improve the frame pacing of the game & eliminate micro stuttering. Decrease the global illumination below that of the lowest setting of the trò chơi for a major performance improvement. As well as various other minor fixes và features that improves the overall rendering pipeline & latency, such as Nvidia Reflex integration.

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For updated information please see the Special K wiki:
Uninstall outdated versions of FAR
The legacy version of FAR (v is not compatible with the new updated Steam version, & the trò chơi will fail to launch if left in the game folder. The files related khổng lồ FAR needs to lớn be removed manually from the game folder, so please remove them from the trò chơi folder. This is most easily done by removing any & all files that is not shown in the below image. This is how a fully cleaned out folder looks lượt thích after the trò chơi has been launched once:https://obatambeienwasirherbal.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2559265741 If the game has not been launched yet another executable along with some batch files will also exist in the folder. Only GOTY owners have the Wallpaper
folder. Validating game files or uninstalling/reinstalling the game through Steam will not remove third-party files, such as FAR, from the trò chơi folder.These are the files & folders related to lớn older versions of FAR: