Mid string php

Parameter Values

Parameter Description string Required. Specifies the string khổng lồ return a part of start Required. Specifies where to start in the string A positive number - Start at a specified position in the string A negative number - Start at a specified position from the over of the string 0 - Start at the first character in string length Optional. Specifies the length of the returned string. Default is to the kết thúc of the string. A positive sầu number - The length khổng lồ be returned from the start parameter Negative sầu number - The length lớn be returned from the end of the string If the length parameter is 0, NULL, or FALSE - it return an empty string

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Technical Details

Return Value: Returns the extracted part of a string, or FALSE on failure, or an empty string PHP Version: 4+ Changelog: PHPhường 7.0 - If string = start (in characters long), it will return an empty string. Earlier versions returns FALSE.PHP 5.2.2 - 5.2.6 - If start has the position of a negative sầu truncation, FALSE is returned. Other versions get the string from start.

More Examples

❮ PHPhường String Reference

";emang đến substr("Hello world",1)."
";eđến substr("Hello world",3)."
";emang đến substr("Hello world",7)."
";emang lại substr("Hello world",-1)."
";emang đến substr("Hello world",-10)."
";echo substr("Hello world",-8)."
"; echo substr("Hello world",-4)."

❮ PHPhường String Reference

❮ PHPhường. String Reference

";emang lại substr("Hello world",1,8)."
";eđến substr("Hello world",0,5)."
";emang đến substr("Hello world",6,6)."
";echo substr("Hello world",0,-1)."
";emang đến substr("Hello world",-10,-2)."
";eđến substr("Hello world",0,-6)."

Report Error

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❮ PHP.. String Reference

❮ PHP String Reference

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