How To Create Md5 () Function, How To Set A Md5 Password In Phpmyadmin

The MD5 encryption algorithm is still one of the most used in the world, và specially in MySQL tables.In this tutorial, I’ll show you how it works in a database, và especially how khổng lồ generate it easily with PHPMyAdmin.

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When inserting a new line with PHPMyAdmin, there is a dropdown thực đơn on the left of the field. Pick the MD5 function in the list và enter the value in clear text. It will automatically convert it in MD5 on insertion.

Today, I’ll give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a table to store MD5, how to lớn set your MD5 Password and how khổng lồ manage this in PHP directly.

Table of Contents

Set a MD5 Password in MySQL and/or PHP directlyPHPSecurity issues with MD5
How to Encrypt Password in PHP with...

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Creating a thử nghiệm table

Before going further, I’ll create a basic MySQL table lớn show you how it works.My table will simply be “users”, with three fields:

auto_id – INT(11): I often create a first field lượt thích this one. The goal is to lớn have an auto-incremented number for each line (you can kiểm tra the A_I checkbox on the same line to bởi the same).login – VARCHAR(32): It’s just an example, you can use an email address or whatever instead. In this basic example, it’ll be a login.password – VARCHAR(32): The one that interest us today. An MD5 hash is composed of 32 hexadecimal characters, so you need to lớn have 32 in length.

Here is the corresponding MySQL query lớn create the table if you want to try while reading this post:

CREATE TABLE `users` ( `auto_id` int(11) NOT NULL, `login` varchar(32) NOT NULL, `password` varchar(32) NOT NULL) and the result:


We are now ready lớn insert a new line in this table!


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Insert a new line with PHPMyAdmin

In PHPMyAdmin, you can insert new lines with a form, you don’t need to lớn type the MySQL query each time. In this part, I’ll show you how to bởi this, but if you are also interested in the MySQL query, I’ll give it to you just after.

Here is how lớn set a MD5 password while inserting your values in PHPMyAdmin:

Browse to the “users” table (or whatever the name of your table is)In the đứng đầu menu, click on “Insert”
A khung shows up with all the fields from your MySQL table
Then you can fill your form:The “auto_id” needs to lớn stay empty (will be automatically set)Type the “login” you want to createEnter the “password” in clear mode in the value columnBefore submitting the form, you need to lớn encrypt the password in MD5To bởi vì this, find the “MD5” function in the dropdown list.Your khung should look like this:
Not so complicated hum?