Will it make any difference or impact on my result, if I use substr() instead of mb_substr() function?

As my server does not have sầu support for mb_ functions, I have sầu lớn replace it with substr()

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It will impact your script if you work with multi-byte text that you substring from. If this is the case, I higly recommend enabling mb_* functions in your php.ini or vày this ini_set("mbstring.func_overload", 2);


If you have sầu utf-8 encoding use mb_substr

Example :

eđến substr("hi mémé", 0 , 5); // will print hi m�emang đến mb_substr("hi mémé", 0 , 5); // will print hi mé


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string substr ( string $string , int $start <, int $length > )

Returns the portion of string specified by the start & length parameters.

string mb_substr ( string $str , int $start <, int $length <, string $encoding >> )

Performs a multi-byte safe substr() operation based on number of characters. Position is counted from the beginning of str. First character"s position is 0. Second character position is 1, and so on.


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