Get Date Format According To The Locale In Php

There is a very simple problem. I have a locale identifier, en, en_US, cs_CZ or whatever. I just need to get the date-time format for that locale. I know I can easily format any timestamp or date object according khổng lồ the locale. But I need just the string representation of the date format, let"s say a regular expression. Is there any function managing this functionality? I haven"t found any so far...

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$locale = "en_US";$format = the_function_i_need($locale);echo $format; // prints something lượt thích "month/day/year, hour:minute"


function getDateFormat($locale) $formatter = new IntlDateFormatter($locale, IntlDateFormatter::SHORT, IntlDateFormatter::NONE); if ($formatter === null) throw new InvalidConfigException(intl_get_error_message()); return $formatter->getPattern();Make shure you install intl.


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you will have to lớn build an array with a các mục of the possibilities. should help.

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post the function somewhere when done, i"m sure it would come in handy for others

I"m trying to vì the same thing myself. Instead of building an array of all the countries, how about using regex to determine the format?

setlocale(LC_TIME, "us_US");// returns "mdy"$type1 = getDateFormat();setlocale(LC_TIME, "fi_FI");// returns "dmy"$type2 = getDateFormat();setlocale(LC_TIME, "hu_HU");// returns "ymd"$type3 = getDateFormat();/** *
return string */function getDateFormat()99)D11D21/", ); $replacements = array("mdy", "dmy", "ymd"); $date = new DateTime(); $date->setDate(1999, 11, 21); return preg_replace($patterns, $replacements, strftime("%x", $date->getTimestamp()));



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