Facebook Live Chat For Php

Imagine you can put your live sầu chat box on your website, into the sidebar or wherever you want.Imagine visitors are chatting with you via Facebook Messager, yet right on your page!Imagine you can get things done in an orderly và timely fashion.

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Chat with many your customers at the same time, just like chatting with your friends in many chatbox.

Just enter your Facebook fan page URL. Then you can use it. Very simple. No Facebook phầm mềm ID required.

Facebook is popular and universal. It becomes around for quite a long time & people are very familiar with it.

Like button is shown in live sầu chat popup. If you provide great support, your customers are more than willing khổng lồ like & give sầu some testimonials for your products/services.

 Based on Facebook Messenger, Facebook Live Chat for PHP. was born khổng lồ create a chatting system suitable for your PHPhường. trang web.

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No more frustration of switching between too many browser tabs of PHP.. pages và Facebook pages.

Saving time và cost for your business. Managing your messages professionally.


There’s something else to be excited about.

At Nin-Ja Team, a plugin is not just a plugin—it’s a developing path!


Facebook PHPhường Chat is crafted with our extreme care for user friendliness. We apply all of Facebook UI criteria khổng lồ design the perfect ratio of the chat box. All other buttons are also optimized for legibility and exposure.


The number of Facebook users are continuously increasing. Chatbots, apps and new payment system are being developed to lớn help all users find the most convenience in surfing và shopping. So if you’re collecting Facebook leads from now on, you’ll be the winner of the race.

Enough about rumors of zero cost kinh doanh. Here I’ll show you the real method. By collecting messages from Facebook users, day by day you’ll have sầu a large customer base accumulated in your own Facebook audience list. Then you’re miễn phí khổng lồ run messages khổng lồ them, or place ads in their Messenger. That’s the big trick!

Any buyers of Facebook Live sầu Chat PHP. can submit a ticket here to lớn get instant tư vấn from us.Ninja Team Premium Support Center

Thank you for your purchase.We want khổng lồ provide you with the best plugins & support possible.If anything goes wrong, just tell us, we’ll make it right!Your satisfaction is guaranteed!


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