Php Count() Function

I"m new to object oriented programming in PHP.I made a simple order class with an array property.The method orderLength is not working. I"m getting an error:

Call lớn undefined method Order::count()


order<> = $value; } } public function orderLength() $length = $this -> count(order); return $length; public function returnOrder() $value = $this -> order; return $value; } $order = new Order; $order -> setOrder(array("Book1", "Book2", "Book3", "Book4")); foreach ($order->returnOrder() as $value) eđến $value . " "; emang lại "The order length is: " . $order->orderLength();

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You have not defined a method count for your class. The way you have sầu done it, it looks lượt thích you are calling the count method of your class, giving order as an argument.

Simply you miske that line

$this -> count(order);Your class has no member functions with the name count, so remove that:

this ->
Assign the value to the variable $order và then write the code for getting the count:

$order = $order -> setOrder(array("Book1", "Book2", "Book3", "Book4"));emang đến "The order length is: ".$order->orderLength();
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