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"John": "status":"Wait" , "Jennifer": "status":"Active" , "James": "status":"Active", "age":56, "count":10, "progress":0.0029857, "bad":0 And this is what I have tried so far:

But because I don"t know the names (lượt thích "John", "Jennifer") & all available keys & values (lượt thích "age", "count") beforehvà, I think I need lớn create some foreach loop.

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I would appreciate an example for this.



To iterate over a multidimensional array, you can use RecursiveArrayIterator

$jsonIterator = new RecursiveIteratorIterator( new RecursiveArrayIterator(json_decode($json, TRUE)), RecursiveIteratorIterator::SELF_FIRST);foreach ($jsonIterator as $key => $val) if(is_array($val)) eđến "$key: "; else echo "$key => $val "; Output:

John:status => WaitJennifer:status => ActiveJames:status => Activeage => 56count => 10progress => 0.0029857bad => 0run on codepad



I can"t believe sầu so many people are posting answers without reading the JSON properly.

If you foreach iterate $json_a alone, you have an object of objects. Even if you pass in true as the second parameter, you have sầu a two-dimensional array. If you"re looping through the first dimension you can"t just eđến the second dimension lượt thích that. So this is wrong:

foreach ($json_a as $k => $v) emang đến $k, " : ", $v;To echo the statuses of each person, try this:

$person_a) emang đến $person_a<"status">;?>


The most elegant solution:

$shipments = json_decode(file_get_contents("shipments.js"), true);print_r($shipments);Rethành viên that the json-file has lớn be encoded in UTF-8 without BOM. If the tệp tin has BOM, then json_decode will return NULL.

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$shipments = json_encode(json_decode(file_get_contents("shipments.js"), true));eđến $shipments;
It"s completely beyond me that no one pointed out that your begining "tags" are wrong. You"re creating an object with , while you could create an array with <>.

< // With this change, the json will be parsed as an array instead of an object. And with that array, you can do whatever you want, lượt thích loops etc.

Try This

$json_data = " "John": "status":"Wait" , "Jennifer": "status":"Active" , "James": "status":"Active", "age":56, "count":10, "progress":0.0029857, "bad":0 "; $decode_data = json_decode($json_data); foreach($decode_data as $key=>$value) print_r($value);

$string = file_get_contents("/home/michael/chạy thử.json");$json = json_decode($string, true);foreach ($json as $key => $value) if (!is_array($value)) eđến $key . "=>" . $value . ""; else foreach ($value as $key => $val) emang lại $key . "=>" . $val . "";
More standard answer:

$jsondata = file_get_contents(PATH_TO_JSON_FILE."/jsontệp tin.json");$array = json_decode($jsondata,true);foreach($array as $k=>$val): emang đến "Name: ".$k.""; $keys = array_keys($val); foreach($keys as $key): echo "".ucfirst($key)." = ".$val<$key>.""; endforeach;endforeach;And the output is:

Name: John Status = WaitName: Jennifer Status = ActiveName: James Status = Active Age = 56 Count = 10 Progress = 0.0029857 Bad = 0
Loop through the JSON with a foreach loop as key-value pairs. Do type-checking to determine if more looping needs to lớn be done.

foreach($json_a as $key => $value) emang đến $key; if (gettype($value) == "object") foreach ($value as $key => $value) # & so on
"; print_r($json); exit;emang lại $json<"response"><"data"><0><"identifier">;$json<"response"><"data"><0><"entityName">emang lại $json<"response"><"status">; echo $json<"response"><"totalRows">; emang lại $json<"response"><"startRow">; echo $json<"response"><"endRow">; ?>
Try it:

foreach ($json_a as $key => $value) echo $key, " : "; foreach($value as $v) eđến $v." ";
When you decode a json string, you will get an object. not an array. So the best way khổng lồ see the structure you are getting, is khổng lồ make a var_dump of the decode. (this var_dump can help you underst& the structure, mainly in complex cases).

status; echo " "; }?>
$json_a = json_decode($string, TRUE);$json_o = json_decode($string);foreach($json_a as $person => $value) foreach($value as $key => $personal) emang đến $person. " with ".$key . " is ".$personal; eđến "";
The quickest way to lớn emang lại all json values is using loop in loop, the first loop is going lớn get all the objects và the second one the values...

foreach($data as $object) foreach($object as $value) eđến $value;
You have sầu to lớn give sầu like this:

emang lại $json_a<"John"><"status">; emang lại ""eđến $json_a<"Jennifer"><"status">;br inside Which gives the result :

I am using below code for converting json to lớn array in PHP.,If JSON is valid then json_decode() works well, & will return an array,But in case of malformed JSON It will return NULL,

If in case of malformed JSON, you are expecting only array, then you can use this function,

If in case of malformed JSON, you want to lớn stop code execution, then you can use this function,

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