Jquery validation custom rule input greather than

I am using the jquery validation plugin for khung validation. Using the min property works fine, but I want it lớn validate values strictly greater than that min value.

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rules: price: required: true, min: 13, number: true In my code I have min: 13, but I don"t want to allow 13, only values greater than 13, e.g. 13.10, 13.đôi mươi, 14. How can I bởi this?

Thanks in advance !



Create your own custom method with $.validator.addMethod:

$.validator.addMethod("minStrict", function (value, el, param) return value > param;);Then use:

price: required: true, minStrict: 13, number: trueNote: The creators of the validator plugin recommkết thúc adding Number.MIN_VALUE khổng lồ the value you supply:

min: 13 + Number.MIN_VALUENumber.MIN_VALUE is the smallest positive sầu (non-zero) float that JS can handle, hence the ngắn gọn xúc tích is that the two statements below are equivalent:

a > b;a >= b + Number.MIN_VALUE;But, this doesn"t work, due to the way floating-point numbers are stored in memory. Rounding will cause b + Number.MIN_VALUE to lớn equal b in most cases (b must be very small for this lớn work).

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min: 13.01, this:

rules: price: required: true, min: 13.01, number: true

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