Javascript Error: Require Is Not Defined

Learn how you can fix JavaScript require is not defined errorPosted on March 08, 2021Sometimes, JavaScript may suddenly give you a require is not defined error like this:

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This usually happens because your JavaScript environment doesn’t understand how to lớn handle the require() function reference. The require() function is only available by mặc định on Node.js environment.If you need to use it on the browser, you need lớn add the require() function to the browser by using the RequireJS library.

Using RequireJS on your HTML file.

To add RequireJS to lớn your project, you need khổng lồ tải về the lathử nghiệm RequireJS release and put it in your scripts/ thư mục.Next, you need to Call the script on your main HTML header as follows:
The data-main attribute is a special attribute that’s used by RequireJS to lớn load a specific script right after RequireJS is loaded. In the case of above, scripts/phầm mềm.js tệp tin will be loaded.Inside of ứng dụng.js, you can load any scripts you need to lớn use in your project. Suppose you need khổng lồ include the Lodash library in your file. You first need to lớn tải về the script from the website, then include the lodash.js script in the scripts/ folder.Your project structure should look as follows:
Now all you need khổng lồ vày is use requirejs function to load lodash, then pass it to the callbaông chồng function.Take a look at the following example:

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requirejs(<"lodash">, function (lodash) const headerEl = document.getElementById("header"); headerEl.textContent = lodash.upperCase("hello world"););
In the code above, RequireJS will load lodash library. Once its loaded, the element will be selected, và the textContent will be replaced with “hello world” text, transformed khổng lồ uppercase by lodash.uppercase() hotline.You can wait until the whole DOM is loaded before loading scripts by listening khổng lồ DOMContentLoaded sự kiện as follows:
document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function () requirejs(<"lodash">, function (lodash) const headerEl = document.getElementById("header"); headerEl.textContent = lodash.upperCase("hello world"); ););
Feel không tính tiền khổng lồ structure your script as you see fit.And that’s how you can use RequireJS to add require() function lớn the browser. You can tải về an example code on this requirejs-starter repository on GitHub.Related articles:JavaScript heap out of memory solutions tutorialJavaScript append new elements to lớn an objectJavaScript code to lớn disable button elementsJavaScript getAttribute() method tutorialJavaScript: Create confirmation box with yes and no options

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