Jquery Ui Slider With Two Handles With Input From Two Text Box?

The jQuery UI Slider plugin makes selected elements into sliders. There are various options such as multiple handles và ranges. The handle can be moved with the mouse or the arrow keys.

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The slider widget will create handle elements with the class ui-slider-handle on initialization. You can specify custom handle elements by creating và appending the elements & adding the ui-slider-handle class before initialization. It will only create the number of handles needed khổng lồ match the length of value/values. For example, if you specify values: < 1, 5, 18 > và create one custom handle, the plugin will create the other two.


This widget requires some functional CSS, otherwise it won't work. If you build a custom theme, use the widget's specific CSS tệp tin as a starting point.
Whether khổng lồ slide the handle smoothly when the user clicks on the slider track. Also accepts any valid animation duration.
Multiple types supported:Boolean: When set to true, the handle will animate with the default duration.String: The name of a speed, such as "fast" or "slow".Number: The duration of the animation, in milliseconds.Code examples:

Initialize the slider with the animate option specified:

Determines whether the slider handles move horizontally (min on left, max on right) or vertically (min on bottom, max on top). Possible values: "horizontal", "vertical".

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Multiple types supported:Boolean: If set to true, the slider will detect if you have two handles & create a stylable range element between these two.String: Either "min" or "max". A min range goes from the slider min khổng lồ one handle. A max range goes from one handle lớn the slider max.Code examples:Initialize the slider with the range option specified:

Determines the form size or amount of each interval or step the slider takes between the min and max. The full specified value range of the slider (max - min) should be evenly divisible by the step.
Determines the value of the slider, if there's only one handle. If there is more than one handle, determines the value of the first handle.
This option can be used to lớn specify multiple handles. If the range option is set to true, the length of values should be 2.
Removes the slider functionality completely. This will return the element back to its pre-init state.
Triggered after the user slides a handle, if the value has changed; or if the value is changed programmatically via the value method.
Triggered on every mouse move during slide. The value provided in the event as ui.value represents the value that the handle will have as a result of the current movement. Canceling the event will prevent the handle from moving and the handle will continue to have its previous value.